I knew there would be repercussions…

We get home from camping and our internet is out. Why? No clue. I hate to call the repair guys as I'm SUPPOSED to be getting a new service (if he ever shows). Still… how long can I stand it? (I'm writing this at work.)

Hubs tells me it's because we "stole" i-net service while camping.

Yup. Payback is hell.

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5 thoughts on “Unexpected”

  1. there is always the dreaded Juno or Netzero which claim to still be free for a minimal expense, Just to tide you over until the transition is complete. I think I still have an open Juno account from like 1990. Whenever I think of Juno I think of sinking ships I just can’t understand why a company would name themselves after an ill fated Spanish Galleon. Of Netzero, I know zip.

  2. Hope you get your internet back soon… funny how addicted we become to it! I’ve decided to keep my blog but make it private. Please send my your e-mail address (has to be one associated with a google account) so I can add you to the list of people able to access it. Thanks!

  3. Hey Sue,
    It’s Mercury Retrograde. That lovely nightmare hit on Friday, June 15. So expect screw ups with communications, plans, etc. Hope the internet guy showed up or shows up soon. Being without access to the net is scary. To think there was a time we didn’t have this….I don’t know how we lived! lol 🙂

    p.s. Thank you for always being there in thought or comment {{Hug}}

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