Monday Musings

Once again I'm at work and it's Monday. Which one of those wins for bummer of the week?

  • Carrie informs me our i-net trouble is due to Mercury Retrograde. I'll have to look it up. Sunspots cause trouble sometimes, but not usually for such a long time. If I don't hear from the i-net guy (who said he was taking his LAST instruction on the 5th, 2 weeks ago, and would then call me) by tomorrow I'm calling him back. I'm getting ready to be pissed. (I heard that. You're thinking, oh no… another rant coming!)
  • My lovable VW Beetle, Skippy the Deerslayer, decided to trick me last week before we left by turning on the "check engine" dash warning light. I guess it is techically called something else, but who cares. I pulled over, did a quick look in the manual, and decided to try and call the dealership. It was Saturday, so no luck. I called Hubs who said to "just drive it" as long as it wasn't acting funny or making weird noises. I called on Tuesday and made an appointment to get it in to be looked at tomorrow – this time I'm waiting for it – and they didn't seem too concerned. No one said "Step AWAY from the car…she's gonna BLOW!"  – neither did they say to not drive it. Is it remarkable to anyone but me that yesterday the light went out? Does this mean it fixed itself? I suppose I'll go ahead and take it in seeing as I have the appointment and it is under warranty. Plus, I know as soon as I call to cancel the appointment the light will magically come on and Skippy will say, "Gotcha!". Yeah. She talks. Go figure.
  • MIL caught me on the phone Saturday. I've been screening her for a week, so decided in a moment of weakness that I really should talk to her – she may think I'm avoiding her. She wanted to be sure I knew that a.) some friends of the sister-in-law who live in another state will be here over the 4th of July to visit while sister-in-law and family are here and b.) she by no means wants us to feel obligated to spend time with any of them. Let's just say, she says that now, but what will she be like then? Her track record isn't so good. Then again, I'm wondering if she's not actually saying "stay away from us 'cause only the cool people will be at our house and you aren't invited". I think too much.
  • I have to find a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I'm not a dress person. This disturbs me more than you'll ever know.
  • I fessed up to Hubs while we were camping that I've been contemplating a tattoo. Something small and tasteful, designed by younger daughter that would hopefully encorporate my childrens' initials. He was actually okay with it. Of course, no one liked when I said I was doing it so they could identify my dead body more easily. What can I say? I have a morbid sense of humor…

Happy Monday~ I may be a bit slow catching up with all of you due to the i-net thing, but promise I will get there eventually!

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5 thoughts on “Monday Musings”

  1. . Mercury retrograde? Again? Time to dig out my old aluminum foil cap…
    . I had a bizarre Harry Dresden dream last night where the check engine light came on in his Blue Beetle and when he looked under the “bonnet” a deer leaped out with some wires and cables in it’s teeth.
    . I thought you might be less suceptable to MIL’s dark powers if you didn’t look directly into her eyes, guess I was wrong.
    . Not being a dress person, I have managed to avoid dress hunting fpr years (ok, never) But just because it is a dress rehearsal why do you have to wear a dress?
    . Don’t succumb to peer pressure, stand out! Be an individual. Be the only unmarked citizen in today’s society. Everyone gets tatoo’s, hell even I have a tatoo of a razoreback in a sailors cap from my Navy days. Kids today think it is some kind of anime characature, but it is just the Arakansas state bird (oops animal, it’s just that my granny used to always say “If pigs could fly…”).

  2. what about a lovely pants suit? you can get away with that nowadays i think. you gotta be comfortable. and it’s all about the accessories. 🙂

    i think it is cool, the tat idea. go you!

  3. I heard about a plumber who got a tattoo on his butt.


  4. When my check engine light came on a couple years ago I freaked. But it was at night so I had no choice but to drive it anyway. Turns out it was my catalytic converter. Damn thing was toast due to the vehicle sitting in the driveway so much since I was ill and rarely drove it.

    a tattoo to identify you…lolol It’s smart, morbid and funny all at once. What the hell, I say go for it.

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