I’m Easy

Get your mind out of the gutter. All I'm saying is I'm easy to amaze and amuse.

Amaze Me: The i-net guy called me yesterday afternoon without me calling him first! It's only been two-and-a-half weeks since he told me he was taking his "last class" to install i-net (he usually installs tv satellite systems). He did say he had already installed one someplace else (and he had previously said I would be his guinea pig…shucks) but it went quite well. Good. He's coming Monday or Tuesday afternoon to install ours. He'll call me Monday to set the time. Dare I get excited yet?

Amuse Me: I had a lovely time at dinner last night. Present was Hubs, my eldest son and his fiance, and youngest daughter. We went to the restaurant that the rehearsal dinner will be held at. It was fantastic company, terrific food, and a cool ambiance. If I had been thinking, I would have taken pictures of the entrees, they were that pretty. Hubs and I had wood grilled shrimp and sea scallops with fresh vegtables and garlic mashed potatoes, followed by cheesecake for him (with strawberry rum sauce) and a flourless double-chocolate torte with raspberry sauce for me. Can I just say again for the record, YUM. We have three selections for the rehearsal dinner, and that is going to be one of them, as well as both the desserts will be choices. Also choice offerings are some type of pork chop and a cantalloni (spell?) dish. Our son had that one and it is one of his favorites. It looked wonderful. I have to admit that Hubs and I were a bit afraid this place would be too "civilized" for our simple country tastes. We're pretty much meat-and-potatoes people and have eaten with our son and his fiance before at their favorite restaurant in our town. Not one of our favorites. It is one of those places where the portions are miniscule and are combinations that don't fit our taste buds very well. They don't have anything that I would call "normal" food. Knowing this is one of their favorites, we were a bit concerned to see what this place they'd picked for the rehearsal would be like. Again, amazed and amused am I. Delicious. Now I'm really looking forward to it. The other really nice thing about the evening was that our son picked up the tab! Hubs couldn't get over that. He's just used to always getting the bill when having dinner with any of the kids. It's just what we do. Rather a nice surprise to have son get it…  and to realize he's doing well enough in life after all the struggles that he can. That's a great feeling. Of course, they did remind us that we will have the "much bigger" bill after the rehearsal dinner, but we expect that and is the least we can do.

Last, but not least… my head hit the pillow at 10 p.m. and I didn't even wiggle until 4 a.m. when Hubs woke up. I even let the dogs out and went back to bed for awhile and got another little snooze in. I'm feeling much more rested today. Surprised I held up as well as I did last night, but I got a "second wind" after work.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Easy”

  1. Yummm, Cantalloni. Sounds like melon cannoli’s. Maybe it’s cannelloni with goat cheese, melon and prosciuto. Both sound kinda of good and spring fresh. I think I made my Dad cry the 1st time I picked up a check for a family dinner. Dale said he never even considered insulting Dad by doing that. Dad said the offer was more than enough probably for the same reasons you mentioned, it made him feel we were all grown up.
    It sounds like the only thing that could have improved you night would have been if you looked above your head and saw a sign that read “No MIL’s Allowed After 5p.m.”
    It is such a shame and a blessing for me that you have such troubles with your MIL. As much as I dislike my ex, her mother and I got long very well since I was 17 years old. So it is because of you that I can implement all my MIL jokes and insert caustic MIL remarks here and there.

  2. You just made me hungry. What does an average meal cost in Iowa at a restaurant? I’m a little floored by the prices in Seattle, until I discovered that the wait staff here earns full minimum wage plus tips, which goes right back into the prices of the food (it’s as expensive to eat out here as Hawaii or NYC).

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