Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

The verdict is still out. 

Yesterday I stayed home from work for the internet installer. He was to come at noon. I stayed home to do some housecleaning so that I could let him IN the house. (I worked Saturday, and was lazy Sunday… what can I say?) At any rate, he showed up about 1:30 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Considering he was working in almost 90 degree heat, full sun, and high humidity, I gave him a break. Also we have had him do installs before of our television satellite systems, so had a lot of faith in him. He, too, was the guy who wired our whole house for internet and cable as we were building. In other words, I think he knows his stuff.

The internet thing is new. He's gone to some training for it and had installed one other system before ours, but said it went pretty well.

He worked until about 4 o'clock when his wife showed up to do the computer side of it – the settings, etc. She seemed to know her stuff to a point. I saw her reading her "cheat sheet" several times and once or twice I had to show her a thing or two. Oh, well. I'm about half-again as old as she is and she told me she was a self-taught computer person, too, so I figured I had a few years of experience on her. She hit a small glitch at one point when the e-mail didn't seem to work correctly, but when she called support they told her they were having small outages here and there and maybe that was the trouble, to wait awhile and try again. The support people looked at the website that showed the settings for my system and pointed out some part had a red flag, that maybe it needed a bit of adjustment to the alignment. Then again, they said, it might correct itself. (That would be a new one! ) Her husband had already left on another job, and we couldn't get that particular website to come up on my system, so she said she'd monitor it from home and let me know.

Today I was messing around getting all my address list, accounts, this and that, all switched to the new e-mail. I had the webmail site up here at work so I could monitor what was happening. I was a bit worried as the "test" e-mail we'd sent last night from my old account still hadn't appeared in the new one. After getting through about 25 listings (did you ever realize HOW MANY things we sign on with our e-mail or have to give them an e-mail address?) I had a couple that were going to send me verifications that I had to return. They hadn't shown up either.

Leave it to me, the snoop. I went to the webpage for the company and went into the installer's page to see what I could find… and lo and behold! She'd given me the wrong friggin' name to use in my e-mail. Arrrggghhhh!  Yeah. It's a wonder I have any hair left.

After I plugged in the right e-mail address and sent a test message to myself, it popped right up! Amazing. I decided to be nice and call the installers so they wouldn't be giving out incorrect information to other people. They told me at that time the red flag was still waving and they would probably be back out tonight to check the alignment of the dish and see if they could get it where it needed to be. So far, I think it's a slight bit faster, but I'm guessing if they get all green lights it will be maximum speed.

I didn't even bother messing with getting my network set up again last night. By the time she left the house, I still had to go grocery shopping – one of those dreaded jobs. Especially at 5 o'clock when everyone else is going after work. Oh, well… gotta eat.

Will let you know what happens. I finally remembered (after I got some comments come in on my old e-mail) that I needed to change the one here, too. Duh. It's been a long couple of days…

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  1. I tried sending mail to both addresses. I received an auto response and I read you would get back to me soon from the old new email address and I got no response from the new new email address at all. I was thinking of going back to the old old email address, but that seemed redundant…

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