I’ve Got Questions (a quick poll)

1.) Do you naturally tan or burn?

2.) Do you try to tan?

3.) Do you "fake" tan?

4.) Do you use sunscreen every day?

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8 thoughts on “I’ve Got Questions (a quick poll)”

  1. 1) burn baby burn
    2) i try to get some color (meaning, i use sunblock and get 100 new freckles)
    3) tried the fake tan on my legs- it kinda works (the lotion kind)
    4) i use sunscreen on my face every day

  2. 1. Being a sunworshipper from an early age I used to tan. Now I am white as abalone.
    2. After a few bouts with skin cancer, I avoid the sun like it was Satan himself.
    3. I tried tan appliques in the past becomming an exotic shade of streaked orange.
    4. I put sunblock on before I go to bed at night. No I’m not paranoid, I require an SPF rating of at least one for every year of my life, I hope they start making triple digits soon.

  3. 1.) Tan…it’s that Italian in me :).

    2.) No, not really. I don’t “go lay out” but if I am outside, I will sit in the sun.

    3.) No, it never works out.

    4.) Only in my moisturizer for my face.

  4. 1.) A little bit of both.

    2.) Not at all. I’m scared of skin cancer.

    3.) I do put some moisturizer on my face that gives it a glow.

    4.) Not every day; only when I plan on being outside more than five minutes.

  5. I used to love nothing more than to bake out in the sun with a good book and to admire my tan line later. That was before I started keeping the dermatologist in his BMW payments with my pre-cancerous spots.

  6. 1. Tan
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No. I know it’s bad, but I tan just looking at the sun. I’m rarely out in it anyway. And at this point, i don’t care. As long as I outlive my cats, that’s all that matters. After that, my obligations are done so….ohhhkay this is way too morbid and depressing. Cripes, i shoudl not be blogging some days.

  7. I naturally burn and then tan. I don’t do any type of tanning any more, real or fake, and stopped when I was in college. My step-dad died from skin cancer so I won’t ever intentionally tan myself anymore. My foundation and face cream have SPF 15 in it, so I’m protected when I go out for errands or whatnot, but if I’m going to be out for any amount of time, I slather on SPF 30 or higher on any exposed area.

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