This isn't a meme, or a poll exactly. Just curiousity on my part. Please continue to comment on my poll below on sun usage. I'll be back in a few days to expound on both of these. Feel free to discuss. 

So how much do you believe?

  1. Do you believe the red light that is appearing next to the signal strength of my home internet "just does that sometimes" even when everything is aligned and working correctly? (btw – my webmail went down at work because he was working on it at home. I wasn't thinking.)
  2. Do you believe that the internet provider is having email conflicts and has been for a couple of weeks and they are trying to resolve the issue so that Outlook or Outlook express will actually work?
  3. Do you believe a mechanic when he tells you there is work needed above and beyond what you've taken the vehicle in to be serviced for? Does it make a difference if you or a man or a woman or is that not a factor in your belief?
  4. Do you believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Did you ever?
  5. Do you believe there is someone for each of us and they are just waiting to be found – or have you found them?
  6. Do you believe some people are meant to be alone?
  7. Do you believe in miracles?
  8. Do you believe in ESP?
  9. Do you believe "we are not alone"?
  10. Do you believe in rights to privacy? Are there limits?
  11. Do you believe in the war in Iraq?
  12. Do you believe the information your local newspaper prints? How about a national paper, say, The New York Times?
  13. Do you believe in God?

Now I've stirred the can of worms, ala Becky…  let's see some comments, people!

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14 thoughts on “Doubt”

  1. 13. Most assuredly
    8. I knew you’d ask that.
    3. I question everyone… including the experts.
    1. The red light is there only to mess with your head.

    In addition I also believe I can pick and choose the ones I answer…

    Take Care

    full moon I know.

  2. 1. yes
    2. probably
    3. depends on what it is. major repairs, prolly not. Yes, it matters if you’re a man or woman. Almost 100% of the time.
    4. No. Yes.
    5. I believe there are more than one choice, but there’s only a few, and they cycle through our lifetimes. Yeah, I found one.
    6. No. But some are good at it.
    7. I believe in something like them, yes.
    8. Yes.
    9. Yes.
    10. Yes. I also believe that it’s acceptable to give up SOME for the greater good. There is a limit though.
    11. No. We’ve done all we can do there, and it wasn’t that great.
    12. I believe 99% of it is based in fact but heavily jaded.
    13. Something like that, yeah.

  3. 1. No
    2. It is more possible that it happens than it is likely for them to admit it.
    3. Sometimes. It doesn’t really matter what gender is involve, but I reserve my judgements until each incident occurs.
    4. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Have you ever read “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause”?
    5. I am trying to. I thought I did once, but it was just emotional heartburn.
    6. No. Well, maybe me.
    7. Yes, pretty much in all its definitions. I also believe in magic. I like the joy in being mystified by something I don’t understand or expect. I just hate (not a word I use alot) it when I learn something I am passionate about and the mystery and magic dies in the knowledge. I am left wiser but somewhat melancholie.
    8. What am I thinking?
    9. Yes. Shhh, my housekeeper is looking over my shoulder.
    10. Yes. Yes. But answer me this, what is it we are suppose to hide?
    11. نعم, أجل, بلى (yes). I also believe the Nazi holocust happened as well. or do you mean do I support the irag war? I do,
    12. No. Definitely no. I don’t believe ‘reality’ shows are real either. I do try to syphen the facts out of the bulk of the story lines though and sometimes I just take it at face value so my mind can coast in neutral.
    13. Yes.

  4. 1. No.
    2. Dunno.
    3. Rarely. By checking with the males in my life, I’ve found that attempts to defraud are generally higher towards both females and other *easy* targets, like the elderly, the uneducated, the poor, blacks, immigrants, etc. Mechanics? Definitely worse toward females.
    4. I did.
    5. & 6. Yes to both. Contradictory, I know.
    7. , 8., & 9. I’ve personally experienced things I can’t explain by science. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily non-natural; it could just mean we don’t have all the facts as yet. But some of those experiences I hold very dear.
    10. Yes, and yes. And I believe we’ve stepped way over those limits, especially after 9/11.
    11. Never did, never will. Are there worse despots in the world than Hussein? Sure, and we didn’t attack them. Was Hussein evil? Sure. Just as much as when Reagan and Bush 1 thought he was the cat’s meow. I hated that creep Hussein since 1979, when many of the same people who now say he was awful were all for him, because of his country’s historical enmity with Iran.

    It was clear to me when Bush 2 was elected that war with Iraq would be on the agenda. At the time, those who now support that war said I was stupid and paranoid. No. I’d studied that person and his family since 1979 and it seemed a logical prediction to me. When it came true? Those same acquaintances told me that was just a coincidence.

    The current administration isn’t, and never was, competent to win this war. While war is sometimes a necessary evil, I don’t think it’s necessary nearly as often as some others do. Certainly if you do start one, you better be sure you can win. In this case, I think the issues at hand would have been better resolved by, say, winning the war in Afghanistan.

    One reason I became even more convinced it was a mistake, after the first rumors of war surfaced? Because every time I tried to ask even the most gentle questions about it, I was shouted down by non-responsive arguments. The type of *arguments* that questioned my character or patriotism or sanity or IQ – rather than my thinking on the subject at hand.

    That meant people didn’t want to think, but only to act. Big mistake. Big, big, big.

    12. I’ve always taken it with a big grain of salt, as should we all. And those who think Fox news is somehow not MSM make me laugh.
    13. In my way.

  5. 1. The internet is evil and wonderful simultaneously.
    2. They all lie!
    3. I think I get taken advantage of because I am a woman and I also am a woman who knows very little about cars.
    4. I used to.
    5. I think there is more than one someone for each of us and timing has a LOT to do with it.
    6. Yes but not like a hermit.
    7. I’d like to think I do.
    8. Yes!
    9. I believe we are not alone.
    10. I believe in rights to privacy and yes, there should always be limits (but who decides!?).
    11. No.
    12. I take it all with a grain of salt.
    13. I believe in a higher power.

  6. It’s so pink in here it’s freakin’ me out. Anyway….lol

    1. No
    2. yes they have problems, no it’s not due to Outlook or other software. It’s their server setup and lack of tech expertise
    3. Not until I see the parts in question and let him know I’m on his ass to prove it and ask many questions. yes it matters when we’re women, especially senior women. I’ve saved Mom a few times in recent years.
    4. No, but I used to
    5. No, no and no.
    6-8. Yes
    9. Yes but not in the alien/UFO sense
    10, Yes and yes
    12. What information? My local paper sucks. I read the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star. Those are usually true but definitely have their share of spin
    13. Definitely. Since birth. Odd, that. But I always have. It’s all the different religions which messed me up there for a while

  7. 1. & 2. Not sure. I am confused by the first question. I am not computer savvy.
    3. No! Yes I think it makes a difference that I’m a woman.
    4. Not now but I did when I was a kid.
    5. I believe there are many “someones” for us all. We just may never find them or due to timing some of them may end up with someone else. I think I’ve given up on “finding” my someone. If it happens, it will happen but I am happy regardless.
    6. That is a hard question. Ultimately, no but sadly it happens all the time so I guess my answer is yes and no.
    7. Absolutely yes! I have experienced miracles in my own life and have seen miracles happen in other’s lives.
    8. Yes
    9. Sometimes I think we must have huge egos to think we ARE alone. I don’t think we are alone.
    10. Yes I do but HIPAA rules have gone way overboard.
    11. NO. I support our troops but I don’t believe we should be in this war for the reasons we were given. It upsets me very much.
    12. No and No. There are bits of truth yes but I also think they leave out a lot of the truth too.
    13. Yes.

  8. 1. yes.
    2. not sure.
    3. only after grilling them some more.
    4. no. yes.
    5. yes.
    6. yes. Ironic considering my last answer, but I have my reasons.
    7. yes.
    8. yes.
    9. yes.
    10. yes. yes.
    11. no.
    12. no. no.
    13. yes.

  9. 13. Sometimes
    12. No
    11. No
    10. Yes
    9. Yes, and i hope they all look as hot as Jason Behr on Roswell
    8. Yes
    7. Sometimes, i wish i had more faith in miracles.
    6. No
    5. Yes, but not in the corny fairy tale way.
    4. I believed in Santa Claus when i younger
    3. Hell No.
    1. Not sure

    I don’t know why i answered from the bottom up.

  10. 1. no
    2. yes
    3. usually
    4. no and sadly, no. i never had the chance
    5. i believe that there are many somebodies we’re meant to find, but no, not just one
    6. no
    7. yes
    8. yes
    9. sometimes
    10. absolutely and absolutely
    11. i believe it exists and i believe that its existance is a shame we will not soon shed
    12. in general, i consider objectivity an impossibility
    13. big G; not necessarily / little g; for the most part, yes

  11. 1. Yes, technology is never predictable or always explainable.
    2. Um, i don’t think it affects just e-mail. If your browser is working, then I would imagine it’s something with Outlook.
    3. I always call my brother who knows a lot about cars and ask him to verify what themechanic has told me, as well as the price that’s quoted and if it’s fair. I do believe that it makes a huge difference in man vs. women, or esp. if they can tell if the customer might know something about cars (most women that I know don’t).
    4. I don’t know, but I did as a kid.
    5. I don’t believe that there is really just “one” person that we’re all meant to be with, but I do believe that it takes a special connection that isn’t easily found.
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. I do believe in the right to privacy, but it’s a delicate line in order to also prevent crimes (though I do believe that there needs to be evidence to violate the privacy).
    11. I believe in the cause, but I don’t believe that we had the right plan or personnel or equipment to carry it out.
    12. It depends on the stories and the types of sources they’ve used.
    13. Yes

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