Aren't they adorable? This is the happy couple, my eldest son and his beautiful bride. The wedding was a couple of weeks ago, but I've had lots of stuff going on and haven't gotten it all down in writing.

Everything was planned to the "nth" degree. My son is notorious for this and although I thought his bride was incredibly meticulous the first time I saw her wedding planner – (not that she isn't) she let me in on a little secret. The volumes of notes she had written out in INK without one scribble or scratch out was a little misleading. She actually had a special pen from Germany that you could "disappear" the ink if you made a mistake. Whew! I'm glad she told me that or I'd have thought she was TOO perfect!

The colors were very classic – black and white – and it was lovely. They had a beautiful day, although a bit warm for the outside pictures taken around town in the sun, the church was air conditioned and it was tolerable. An evening wedding, we spent most of the afternoon waiting for pictures to be taken care of and getting ready.

One funny note – the brides' parents are from a pretty strict religion and we're… um… not. At any rate, I and her mother were to light the side candles for the unity candle. We'd breifly rehearsed the night before and I was having a panic attack wondering if I had my timing correct, so went to talk to her mother. I said, "You come in with your father (the brides' grandfather) and seat him, then stay standing and I then stand and we go up to light the candles then, right?"

"Yes, we go up… bow…proceed up to light the candles… come back down… bow…and be seated."

My panic caught in my throat. Bow? What's this bow stuff? All I could think of was in the catholic church when they cross themselves. Was I supposed to do this? Something more? Oh, yikes! Too nervous to ask the mother, I got the church's wedding planner off to the side. She was a very nice lady, probably in her 60's, and rather short – so I had to lean over and whispered to her what had been said and asked her "how do I bow?". She whispered back…"I don't know! We don't do that in our church… "  I laughed and told her she'd been no help at all. She asked me if I wanted to tell the brides' mother not to do it? No, I figure I'd just wing it.  It was fine. It was merely a pausing at the alter for a second and she bowed her head. Whew! But then, my moment of panic flared again when the candle wouldn't lite. We were to take the unlit ones back to the lit candelabras and lite off of them, then go back to the the unity candle stand near the alter. The candles hadn't been pre-lit and first I couldn't even get mine to light… then I got half-way back to the unity candle (guarding it with my trembling hand) and it went OUT. Oh, geez…  Could this get any better? The brides' mom was practically back to the unity candle already. So much for coordination! I went back and lit the candle again and this time it happened to stay lit. Whew. At that point, I'm sure my face and neck were beet red from embarrassment, but Hubs said he didn't notice so much. Yeah. Thanks, honey.

After that I was pretty much able to relax and enjoy. It was a beautiful ceremony and they had a lovely reception at a downtown restaurant. Lots of good food and wine and friends and family. We're so happy for them both. She even came up to me at the reception and asked me if she could now call me "Mom"… needless to say, I was thrilled to pieces. What a terrific addition to our family!

I can't wait to see the pictures! *

* This one was taken from their christmas card last year

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  1. They sure look happy 🙂
    I think the wedding planner may have dropped the ball on the candles, usually they will take the time to “clean” and prep the wicks so there will be no trouble in the lighting department barring an ill wind but still trembling hands proof.

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