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About a week ago I had a doctor appointment. It was my normal every-few-month check up for my diabetes to take blood and find out how the new meds my doctor put me on were working. First off we discussed it all. I think things are better. Guess I'll find out when the tests come back. He checks out my sore shoulder. I haven't told you about that? Well…

The last time I went to the doctor a few months ago, I had a shoulder that was hurting. My right shoulder. He pushed and pulled and did this and that and determined I may have over-extended it at some point and it just hadn't gotten rested enough to heal. He perscribed Aleve twice a day and some light exercises (canned veggies, anyone?). It was getting better. It was

Until I threw something (my purse?) in the back seat of my car. Arrgghhh! I clench my teeth and hold my arm close to my chest cussing vividly under my breath (okay, I admit, it wasn't ALL under my breath). I'd undone all the progress I'd made up until then. I started again, slow, trying to do the Aleve, exercises, and ice/heat. Unfortunately, not much was helping and it kept getting worse. I can't seem to pin down any one motion that is "too far" and makes it hurt. Sometimes moving it a certain way won't hurt, then the next time I do the same thing it screams at me to STOP.

He tells me it is tendinitis. Or, rather, the beginnings. I guess if it really is tendinitis the muscle will pull away from the bone? Or something. It needs surgery to correct at any rate, and I'm not there yet. So, now he's perscribed physical therapy to see if that will help. Oh, and not doing stuff that hurts. You know, like putting your hand above your head or reaching behind you. I don't think I have to describe for you women out there how difficult it is to wash your hair, dry your hair, fix your hair, uh… wipe your backside… (yeah, TMI, sorry) without using your primary hand. Also, I live in t-shirts. It is my main work "uniform"… jeans and a t-shirt. Picture yourself putting on a t-shirt without putting your hand over your head. I have a feeling that I am going to be a real challenge to the PT people.

After all that, I got to do the "poke"… giving my tube or two of blood. I swear the lab person jinxed me big-time. I walk into the lab and she says, "Aren't you the one who has the bad veins?"  Wha? Me? Not that I know of… I've never had trouble giving blood before…  Until today, of course. Damnit. She starts with my left arm and starts poking… and then starts wiggling… the needle. Wiggling? Um…ouch. I don't mind having blood taken, but I don't look and I don't like to FEEL the needle wiggling in my arm. Thank you very much. She finally gives up and goes to my other arm (the sore one)… pulling it out of the socket to get it lined up on her table just so… as I grit my teeth in pain, she pokes and prods until FINALLY she gets the idea to use some smaller needle and that works. She pulls the blood and ends up transferring some of it to another container. Whatever. I'm just glad it's done. Now if I could only have a sucker.

The test results came in the mail Saturday. I open the first page and see where the doctor has hand-written a few notes and among them are, "You're doing great!"… which made me feel good although puzzled… I've never done 'great'. Ever. I start glancing through the other three pages of test results trying to figure out the details when it suddenly struck me. These were not my results. Same first name, different last name. Damn. Now I'm waiting for the nurse to call back to tell me what they want me to do with them… destroy them or send them back to the clinic. I wonder if the other woman got my results? It seemed a bit early for mine to come back, so maybe they aren't even done yet. It will be interesting to see if I'm doing "great", too! I'm not going to hold my breath, tho'…

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  1. Sadly, this sort of thing happens more often than you’d expect. I’m sure you’re not “doing great”, but I am fairly certain you’re “just fine” or event, “doing well” though.


  2. Hmmmm, you know what? When I had blood drawn the last time, the phlebotomist told me that if anyone ever tells you your veins are difficult, it’s because THEY can’t do their job well & they’re making excuses. She was pretty adamant about it. And veins are supposed to be rubbery. (I had the same thing, where I looked down and saw them jabbing all around under my skin & it made me woooozy…still does, just remembering it.) For years after that I always asked for the baby needles. (Those do take longer, tho.) Well, here’s to hoping your results ALSO say “great!”

  3. Ugh, nothing more frustrating than a bad vein finder!
    I hope everything comes back just fine- sounds like you’ve had enough for the time being.

    Also, congrats on your last post! 🙂

  4. Glad your DM blood work was great. Must mean your HbA1c is good.

    Wonder if I do not see a MRI in the future for your shoulder. Sounds simlar to a rotator cuff tear.

  5. Oh sister, I had surgery for tendinitis of the elbow at the beginning of this year and it was the ONLY thing to make it go away. Erm, I don’t want to scare you at all…but I did the PT, the OT, the drugs, the relaxation and surgery was the best thing to happen to me! I hope you get answers and feel better soon!

  6. ummmm wait, isn’t that kind of bad that they sent you the wrong results? that doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence in their intelligence…

  7. Ouch — I’m so sorry to hear about your problems. I can’t imagine what it likes to hurt while doing our basic functions. I have issues with my knee but it doesn’t interfere nearly as much as yours. Hopefully, you’re doing “great” as well:)

  8. I won’t let ANYONE try to draw my blood without using a ‘butterfly.’ Yes, it DOES take a little longer, but it is the only way to guarantee being able to draw my blood! One of my favorite techs told me to make sure a ‘butterfly’ is always used for me–I have very difficult veins. 🙂

    I loved the comment about wiping yourself with your non-dominant hand. My husband told the story about a guy he worked with, who had broken his dominant hand, and complained about everything you just cannot do well, ESPECIALLY the bathroom paperwork. He had said that was the LAST thing he ever would have been concerned about doing. Well, every time the hubby tells this story, you will find that EVERYONE who goes to the bathroom afterwards comes back saying, “It IS impossible to use your other hand! I never would have thought!” 🙂

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  9. Oh boy.

    Does that sound familiar, or what?!?

    The bit about the vampires calling people *hard sticks* when THEY aren’t very good at STICKING…That’s true.

    But it’s also true that sometimes some people really do have bad veins. cmk, I’m one too.

    The only semi-normal place left now is the back of my left hand. That’s it. Always with a butterfly and pediatric needles.

    I myself make it exceedingly clear they are NOT allowed to *dig.* If they don’t get the blood without digging around, they almost never can get it by digging, anyway. I have permanent nerve damage in my right arm from an incompetent digger. No more. Sorry charlie.

    They also aren’t allowed to head for this inflamed valve on the back of the left hand. I’ve been told by GOOD stickers that you’re never supposed to stick there anyway, it can ruin the little valve and mess up the blood supply going into that part of your hand. It’s horrifying how many times I have to tell stickers they can’t go there.


    My father, both siblings, and Walter all have the rotator cuff thing. For us, it’s genetic; for Walter, a work injury. Dad, ksis, and Walter all had one shoulder done. The PT can fix 85% of them without surgery, and you still need it after surgery too. But they all had good results.

    I’ll probably have to live with mine. I’m not a good candidate for surgery. But it goes off and on with me, and it’s usually tolerable now, probably just from the chronic pain treatment for all the other stuff wrong.

    Shoulders are one of those parts where you don’t miss your water till your well runs dry…

  10. Yes incompetence in the medical field can be a scary prospect. I think they “owe” you a “Doing Great!” too just because they already implied it (even if by accident).

    I am surprisingly in possesion of difficult, ornery and even acrobatic veins. They roll, they dive deep beneath the skin and to believe the vamps they even contort and stretch away from needle contact. I am in possesion of Gumby veins. And all though I am told at the end of each and every session to announce the need for butterflies micro needles (sounds like a moody blues tune) to save me from unecessary pain and them from embarrassment and latent issues of inadequacy, I am inevitabley lined up in front of a tag team of determined opponents who will pull civilians out of the corridor to make an attempt before succumbing to using “baby” needles. The resulting failure must be quite the blow to the ego since it seems so difficult for them to accept. In the meanwhile I leave the battlefield shellshocked with open cuts, multiple stab wounds, 3 lbs of gauze, collapsed veins and a temporary handicap placard muttering over and over to myself, “I just came for the orange juice!”. I am one of the few non HIV people black listed from blood drives.

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