This may seem like a petty post to most of you out there, but there are a few of you who can relate. My company has always used the cheap one-ply toilet paper. The one that you have to have about 40 sheets of before it even feels like your hand is covered before wiping. Guess what? We just got Charmin. Honest! Can I say I'm actually excited?

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7 thoughts on “Oooooo…Comfy!”

  1. The Questionable Company, my former employer, had just switched to cheap paper towels, which fell apart as you tried to pull them out of the dispenser with wet fingers. Ick.

  2. You’re odd. Although, I must say…I still have nightmares about the toilet paper they had in elementary school. They were dispensed one little 1-ply sheet at a time, like mini-kleenexes only not nearly as soft. Whoever invented them is evil.

  3. it makes a BIG difference. you know, honestly, they probably go through less tp when they invest in the good stuff. same goes for toilet seat covers.

  4. Although I enjoy 2ply, I am not a charmin fan, never trust a paper you can push your finger through… (never been a forty sheet user either, though my housekeeper can use a half a roll of paper in one setting [sitting?] ).

  5. I’m not much of a Charmin fan, but I’m very happy for you! I prefer Angel Soft or Cottonelle…you know, because you asked. Heh.

  6. I admire your restraint! MY post about toilet paper went on and on and on! Always amazes me just how much people are alike. 🙂

  7. WELL. Contrary to appearances this is a VERY important matter.

    And all us who remember those blasted little one-sheet dispensers in grade school KNOW it.

    I’m very happy for you!

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