No, not THAT Batman, but my batman, Hubs. We have a bat. In the house. In our three-year-old house. To be exact, in our sono-tube. (It's a sky-light type tube that snakes up through the attic and brings light into the kitchen – I have two of them.) The other day I noticed a dark spot inside one of them. The glass panel on the inside of the house is frosted, so I could just see a dark shape. I thought that wasn't right, but ignored it for a day or so until I realized it had moved. Looking closer, I could see what appeared to be a body and legs. Now we've had several types of frogs around the house, including some pretty wild looking tree frogs. I thought maybe one was sitting on the outside of the tube and the sun was showing the shadow inside. I walked out and stood as far out on the back deck as I could to see what I could see. Nothing. I went inside and took some pictures of the strange shape which I then showed Hubs later on that night when he got home. First words out of his mouth were… "bat". What? No…really?

He proceeded to take a shower and it was early enough in the day there was still plenty of light coming through so I could see the shadow in the tube. I watched it for a bit and sure enough, it started moving around and I actually saw a wing extended… oh, ick! My next thought was how it could have gotten in there? The tube is like your dryer vent tube, expandable, but very shiny on the inside to reflect the light down through it. I thought maybe they'd gotten into the attic and chewed through the side of the tube.

Neither of us was looking forward to going into the attic. Visions of a cloud of bats living up there gave both of us the heebie jeebies. Meanwhile, Barney the Bat was going nowhwere. He had now drawn the attention of the cats who proceeded to stare at the ceiling with unblinking attention… freaking us out with their intensity. We remembered other times our male cat had stared at the ceiling when we could see nothing and wondered what he was hearing up there that we were not…

Finally, on Sunday my "batman" Hubs got a ladder and braved the depths of the attic. To our surprise (and great relief) there was no sign of other bats, mice, bugs, or water leaks. The attic was pristine. So how in the heck had the bat gotten in? Hubs thinks he could see a tad bit of light showing through at the top of the sono tube, on the roof… so maybe it had pulled away a bit, just enough for a bat to follow a bug in. They are like mice, notorious for being able to fit through tiny spaces you'd never dream they could get into.

Next thing will be to go up on the roof… but he's not looking forward to that, at all. I suppose the cover of the sono tube will have to be taken off then somehow we'll have to attract the bat out. Either that or get an exterminator out. What a deal. We were expecting deer, bunnies, coyote, fox, turkeys, pheasants, and, yes, crazy neighbors… but bats? Never crossed our minds.

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14 thoughts on “Batman”

  1. Now I would NOT want a bat in my house but I have a fondness for them since they eat mosquitoes and Minnesota is known for its large quantities of mosquitoes. Any enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine.

  2. awwwwww, poor bat! He must be quite uncomfy in that bright tube during the day, plus how much food source can their be for him. Does he get out at night? Or is he trapped? I like bats, I think they are a great source for removing unwanted bugs and such. They don’t creep me out at all, not like grubs and potato bugs and roaches and such. Some say flyng rats, I say cutesie little beady eyed foxes with wings…
    We used to have bats vivsit when I lived in Trabuco Canyon. I loved to sit outside at dusk and watch them hunt.
    coome on how cute is that! [IMG][/IMG]

  3. Oh fer cute! I can’t believe you haven’t shown me this yet! I will pet him and pat him and call him George…

  4. I’m a tad creeped out. We had one in our house once too…I think I screamed and hubby went and took it outside for me 😀 Aren’t Batmen great!!

  5. EEEEEKKKKK!!!! I once had a bat in my apartment when I lived in Ohio. I called my landlord. Whose helpful advice was, “Just open a window and shoo him out.” It was the frickin’ dead of winter. And let me tell you from experience, bats do not easily shoo out of windows! Be careful also with rabies…

  6. Bats…had ’em. And it isn’t a wonder, considering our neighbors have at least one bat house they have hung. {{shudder}} I can’t stand the things and have little freak-outs whenever I ‘see’ something out of the corner of my eye! (Of course, it is my imagination, but still…)

  7. Just landed on this blog from somewhere out there, and enjoyed the bat adventure. Never had a bat of our own. Closest thing was a snake under our bed. One fun son kept a garter snake for a pet–until it escaped. Watching it slither across the bedroom carpet was not nice.

  8. I am pro-bat, until they’re in my home. I had THREE bat experiences in the old apartment building, and all of them were, granted, hilarious. But not pleasant. One involved me in a dress, with a hat on, and a scoop shovel as a personal shield and a broom. And screaming F*CK F*CK F*CK repeatedly (because that helps.)

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