I was at the grocery store today and couldn't help but notice the two quite elderly ladies in front of me in line. They must have been in their 90s, white haired, shriveled, bent-over… in their "go to town" dresses, support hose and industrial strength orthopedic shoes. The chatted back and forth in their cackly high-pitched squeeks as they made thier purchases:

Lady One, prune juice…….$3.00

Lady Two, six tabloids (you know, the ones that are on newsprint that we all see when we check out but don't actually read)…..$14.00

Having their weekly entertainment taken care of……. priceless.

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5 thoughts on “Necessities”

  1. Ha! The grocery store is where you can see all walks of life, all ages, all types of behavior. It’s a great place to observe humanity, especially if you’re a writer. One of the novels I’m writing opens in a check out lane of a small town grocery store.

  2. WoW, what brand of prune juice was she buying at only $3.oo a bottle? It runs $4.39 here for Sunmade Prune Juice, not that I necessarily keep track of that kind of thing…

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