Monday Musings

Snippets on the brain.

  • I'm tired. Full moon. 'nuff said.
  • This Mexican restaurant I wrote about has gone back to the old menu! Whoot! Daughter and I ate there Saturday night and it was wonderful. I'm so happy they changed back. I wonder how much their business dropped off after they changed. When are some of people gonna learn the old "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
  • I waited up late for race results from son on Saturday night. It was a double feature after getting rained out on Thursday night. Hubs got home about 2 o'clock and went right to sleep, but of course I had just started watching a movie and had to see the whole thing. The movie? The "Sixth Sense". Yes, I know how it comes out. Why did I stay up until 4 a.m. watching? We'll just chalk that one up to the full moon too, 'kay?
  • Daughter and I also went to "Transformers" Saturday night. She'd seen it before, but we wanted to go to something and it was the best of the bunch. Turned out much better than I expected and actually had some humor in it. I had to keep asking who was bad and who was good – I don't remember watching them so much when my kids were little. I remember the toys, oh yeah… they had lots of those. I remember the later transformers that were animals. I watched them more than the mechanical ones, I think. We found a few weaknesses in the film (yes, besides the plot), but it was a fun night and the special effects were good. Glad we went.
  • Counting down until Daughter moves out. Three days. I'm gonna miss her.

Happy Monday. Oh, and if my template is changed again… well, I'm just getting sick of pink. Brad? If you're reading… do your thing again, 'kay? Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Musings”

  1. Hooray!!! the pink is gone! 🙂 I mean, nice change of pace Sue.
    Why can’t we blame other moon phases for our actions?

    “Did You see that lady in the grocery store check out counter go half crazy last month? Must have been a half moon…”

    “Had to call the plumber to work under the kitchen sink again, must be the quarter moon…” (I’m sure you ladies know what I mean)

    Heh, the last cartoon I watched with a transfomer in it was Felix the Cat and that was actually a Master Cylinder… (that’s not really true, I just watched the Macross series which I think later became robo – techs) I did watch the movie and I liked it. Funnny and good effects.

    I am glad your favorite mexican resaurant succumbed to mind control. Enjoy!

    So you waited up for race results, now are you gonna share them?

    Be glad she isn’t moving to Chicago, Sue. And remember, soon the
    i-net will be all your.

  2. I do like the layout this time and esp. the pic at the top. I’m kind of surprised that a place wouldn’t think to ask their regular customers what they might like to see changed because it sounds like they went through a lot of wasted effort.

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