Reported (A Rant)

I have a pet peeve. Shaddup. I know I have lots of them… it is my blog, I reserve the right to rant. So there.

One of my pet peeves is this… I think it should be made a law that when there is a car accident they should not be allowed to show the vehicles until the families have been notified. They go through all this bullsh*t saying "we can't release the names of the victims until the family has been notified" but they show the damn vehicles! Don't know about you, but if I saw my husbands' pickup or one of my kids' cars on TV, I'd know it was them… and what family wants to find out their loved one is terribly injured or dead by watching it on TV?  I just happen to think that's wrong. Once they are notified, then fine… go ahead and show your news shot if you must.

Just my opinion.

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Reported (A Rant)”

  1. I see your point, but I guess I was thinking of it from a news angle and how difficult that would be if they’re reporting “live” from an accident that might be causing a huge traffic jam and doing an aerial shot to show how bad the problem would be and then not showing the accident itself. It might be kind of hard. So, I guess the other question is which would be more important — the “news” itself or the families’ consideration. I see both sides, and hope I’m never in that position.

  2. Everyone in this country is quick to shout “Freedom”, but you don’t hear much about the responsibilities that go with it.
    their are ways to crop, blur and angle photos even live to avoid incriminating or otherwise poor taste pictures on screen (you never see an actual naked person run across the screen for example) and as far as the freedom to act insensitively in news reporting; I sometimes wonder if freedom of the press should be redesignated to priveledge of the press. But then who do we place in control of the news, Government? What would constitute a reporting franchise, what would happen to the abusers of the news. Who would be held liable. Could I be arrested for blogging events without a license? Would gossip and speculation become illegal? I say self government is still the best option. If you don’t like what a news station is doing, let them know (and others as you have in this blog), or like my doctor is fond of saying, if it hurts when you do that, stop going that. I seldom get my news from TV any more.

  3. Here in MN the media was all over the place reporting the bridge collapse and I’m sure family members saw their relatives cars on the bridge or even in the wreckage and the Mississippi river. And Matt Lauer from the Today Show must have taken a Red Eye flight last night because he was reporting from in front of the bridge wreckage this morning. It’s crazy.

    As for your MIL – I certainly feel for you. I have more problems with my own mother than my MIL. My MIL is more of a ditz than anything. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. My own my can be a bit controlling, though.

  4. I don’t know, re the bridge collapse. Let’s say someone close to me didn’t show up at their expected time and I knew they crossed that bridge at about the time it crossed, but no one in authority had any information for me yet.

    Would I rather sit in agony for hours or days wondering, wondering, or would I want to scrutinize the media shots and upon seeing the vehicle of my missing person crushed in the debris, draw my own conclusions?

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