For the Love of God… (A Rant) *updated*

…STOP SHOOTING. I just checked the calendar. It isn't a holiday. Unless, maybe it's your birthday or something. I love where I live – except for those freakin' neighbors. What in the hell are you shooting after dark? I do not want to know. Asshats.

*UPDATE – For those of you who haven't followed this story and aren't clear what it is I'm talking about, I'm talking guns. They go out and shoot guns. From what I can tell, they are target or skeet shooting. Not just one person, either, unless they're using some kind of automatic weapon, as the shots are too close together to be single shots by one person. Have I mentioned they have two small children? I won't even guess what the kids are doing during all this hub-bub. Especially when it goes until 11 pm. I mean, really? It's DARK then, people.. and I don't believe they have spotlights on their house like we do. I could be wrong. I try not to spend too much time thinking about them.

Oh, and they headed up the creek again yesterday evening. Hubs was ready to meet them at the lot line with HIS gun in hand, but they evidently realized at the last minute they were a little too close and went back to their own territory. Damn, I hate being the grouch in the neighborhood…

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8 thoughts on “For the Love of God… (A Rant) *updated*”

  1. This is sort of like my neighbor, who’s remodeling but doesn’t seem to have the motivation to start until 10:00 p.m. every night. Grrr.

  2. Is there any kind of sound muffling (and maybe stray bullet proof) growth you could plant between you and your neighbors? That is what my folks resorted to when their new neighbors took up late night loud parties and daylight nude sunbathing fifteen feet from their “view” windows. My parents specifically located their home in the back corner parcel of their property for the view, never for once believing someone would purchase the drainage property just below them and plant a mobile home down there. Truth is the new neighbors only lasted two seasons before they were flooded out and moved, but they made my parents life hell while they were there.

  3. They’re shooting? Guns?
    We have some neighbors who live back in the woods and seem to think every weekend is the Fourth of July and shoot off illegal fireworks. I. Hate. Them.

  4. We get the same thing here, all the time.

    And WHY, for God’s sake, after dark?!?

    I don’t CARE if Livey is sitting on 5 acres here. This is a residential area. I have very strong feelings about people shooting guns off around innocent bystanders.


  5. You should come to New Zealand, Sue. I’m sure there are guns around here somewhere, but definitely not as many.

    I’d host ya! 😀

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