Do I ever feel like an idiot. I was taking a box of Christmas decorations downstairs to trim the tree and my foot went out from under me – causing me to fall ungracefully on the staircase. One leg went straight, and the other bent back at the knee – pulling a muscle on the inside of my knee. Damn. (Of course, that wasn’t exactly what I said at the time… there were lots of other words and they were said at a loud volumn.) I was lucky my daughter was off work today and helped me up – then called the First Nurse to see what was recommended. Ice and elevation and Tylenol for now, doctor later. It hurts like a son-of-a-gun. I’m NOT a happy camper right now. We have so much going on – plus puppies to take out several times a day! Arrrggghhh!!!

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One thought on “Ouch”

  1. Sorry to hear about this. Take care of yourself and get some rest.

    I read about another blogger’s mom who broke her foot whilst Christmas shopping.

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