A Plague?

tree frog

Isn't he cute? This would be a Copes Gray Tree Frog or Hyla Chrysoscelis (for you educated types). You can read all about 'em if you go to the link. I won't get into detail. We live in the country, along a creek and for the past several evenings we have had one of these little suckers (literally) stuck to the sliding glass door or walk-in glass door driving the cats nuts. Last night after most of the family left (from the birthday dinner) Emily and I took the dogs out and as we were coming in the front I noticed something on the white porch pillar. We put the dogs in the house and started looking closer… and counting. We found two of these out front of the house and eight of them in back! Ten! Ranging from the size of a penny to the size of a golfball. Stuck to the siding, the grill, the porch railings… literally all over. I'm sure they had plenty to eat, the bugs were thickly drawn to the lights in the house. Good thing they aren't a damaging kind of critter. Still… ten! I'm sure if we would have stayed out longer we probably could have found more. That was in about a 10 minute search. Now if they were spiders I'd still be hiding under the covers shaking…

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9 thoughts on “A Plague?”

  1. I have one in my kitchen I haven’t caught yet, I dont know how he has evaded the kitties this long…
    And I now now khow you feel about barking dogs, lol. For some reason my neighbors pup decided to fend off the burgalers, hoodlums, and wild beasts from 2:30 am yuntil sunup by barking non stop, when he finally either succumbed to the enemy, passd out or went hoarse.

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of frogs! But you know, it warms my heart. A few years ago, the news was full of dire predictions about frogs. They were becoming extinct and we were killing them with our abuse of the environment or something. Then I realized….I *never* see frogs anymore! The past year, I’ve started to see them again. I’m happy about that 🙂
    Sorry you have so many but hey, we haven’t lost frogs yet! There’s a bright side for ya 🙂 lol

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