Ouch II

So, now I’ve gotten my youngest son to take me to the doctor. First thing, I get chewed out about not taking care of my diabetes. Blood is sucked out. Perscriptions are written. Glaring looks are exchanged.

That out of the way, we proceed to discuss my leg. Yes, it is a pulled muscle – probably not torn. I’m put in a lovely thing called an “imobilizer” – basically a brace, and told to keep it on, keep off it, keep ice on it for 24 hours, and to take large quantities of Aleve for pain.

First thing I do is go back out to the vehicle and find I can’t get IN the vehicle with said brace. So, off it comes until we get home.

What a bummer. I can see the end coming for some parties… some definate endings.

My elder son is 27 today. We’re to go to supper tonight with the family and I’m going to try and go. After that, all public appearances will be cancelled for awhile…

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