Shhhh (a rant)

Don't get me wrong. I like music. I really do. Most all music I find pleasurable. To a point. Sometimes? Sometimes you just want a little quiet. Sometimes you have a gut-wrenching-eyeball-projecting-brain-splitting headache and you really don't want to hear about the guy who lost the house, job, truck, wife, gun and dog… in that piercing screechy twangy way.

I regret the day my office mate moved his bookcase-sized stereo into our space. Turns it on. Then walks out. He is rarely IN this space, yet he deems me worthy to share his choices.

Earphones for me are not an option (I have to answer the phone).

My head hurts. Kill me now.

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10 thoughts on “Shhhh (a rant)”

  1. Seems to me you ought to be able to get up and turn it off, then, when he comes back, say, sweetly, “I just didn’t want you to miss any of your songs while you were away from your desk.”

  2. I used to work in an open concept environment. (ugh) The guy in the cell behind me REALLY liked Celine Dion. Then he would take off and leave it playing. I used to go in and turned it off… then he would go on about how some people had no taste when he got back. ha!

    Go turn it off.

  3. yeah turn it off…specially if he’s not there, but even if he is…you could ask him to turn it off just for today because you have a splitting headache. There’s nothing mean or unfair about that.

  4. Hell tell him the truth. he’s being rude and inconsiderate and if he doesn’t stop it, you can declare pvp sanctions in the office and unleash a horde raid party of Troll Warriors and UnDead Warlocks on his sorry butt.If that don’t work, accidentally drop the music box’s electric cord in the paper shredder.

  5. Sorry, but if I had to sit and listen to country music all day long, I would be trying to puncture my eardrums with a sharp pencil! I just don’t do country music. :/ Really, though, there has to be a happy medium–there is such a thing as proper manners and etiquette. Trying to talk to him might help–hopefully.

  6. I love my boss! He does not tolerate people playing music in their cubes, but he’s perfectly fine with earphones.

    So I get to listen to my tunes and *not* listen to anyone elses. Bliss!

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