Flying, Really

I know the older we get we always say time is flying, but it is… really. I hit the mid-century mark a few months ago and although I feel nothing like the age it says I am on my driver's license, my body keeps pulling stunts to remind me that, yes, I really am. I've still never seen all 50 states – hell, I've barely gotten out of Iowa! You know, I kinda like it in Iowa, though… to be honest, I kinda like it at home. I've been with my sweet husband for going on 29 years. I have children who are taller than I am (and I'm tall). My not-so-new-car Skippy has 10,000 miles and is due for another oil change. (Remember the last one? I'm scared to even think I get to do this again so soon!) The crops are starting to dry down heralding the fall harvest is right around the corner and when I went to my parents on Sunday I even saw a maple tree that had turned red! Already!

This month marks the seventh year in my current job. A job I've had longer than any other job. I still like it, which I think counts for a lot. They like me, which I think counts for more.

Finally? It is my blogoversary. Yup. Really. Three years ago I started this fumbling attempt at getting my thoughts down in the world. When I look back through the archives I find myself groaning at a few (maybe more than a few)… laughing at a couple… crying at times… and realizing that it is all out there in the blogosphere for anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection to read. It has been a journey. A few of you have been with me since the beginning, and I'm finding some new friends along the way… glad to say I've not lost too many that have dropped out of the blogosphere. If you've been with me any time at all you know I'm anti-social (no, Deb says it's avoidance) and this blogland seems to be my big social experiment. The one and only social experiment. Still? If you are here and I haven't realized you've been here? I'd love for you to give me the gift of de-lurking, if only for this one time. I'd love to see my comment count get over 30… if for nothing else… because it never has! See? I'm vain like that.

Would you want me any other way?

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36 thoughts on “Flying, Really”

  1. Happy Blogversary!! I love looking back at my early blogs and seeing how far i’ve grown in my life. You’re right about how fast time goes. I turned 40 last year, but it only seems a month ago, now I realise it’s only weeks until my next birthday. D’oh!

  2. Wow…three whole years! Happy Anniversary! I’ve only been reading blogs for about a year or so, and I just discovered yours, so I’m not guilty of lurking…at least not here! Maybe on some others, though…I haven’t been much of a commenter anywhere.

    I agree with you, it is great to have someone comment on your blog…and about looking back at the old posts? I’ve just begun, and I’m already beginning to cringe at some of mine!

  3. Happy Blogversary. 🙂

    Funny how these little experiments take on a life of their own. I just realized that October will mark 5 years for me. Nutty.

  4. Ah! There it is! I just sent you a note saying I couldn’t comment, but now it’s letting me in. Disregard!

    Happy blogiversary! I’ve been blogging for over 6 years, but I have only a few months of archives. I’m kinda glad about that, actually.

    Here’s putting my number into your comment count!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! LOL – blogging is my social life – I seem to have no other, although I never remember my own blogoversary, just like I forget birthdays and all that. *grin*

  6. Happy Blogoversary! I’ve been reading for a few months now. I was born in IA, but moved when when I was less than two. It’s fun to get a glimpse of life in Iowa. Hope you’ll be blogging for at least a few more years!

  7. You are on my blog roll from charmin just charmin, I think. Guyk is my husband. I have been blogging since July 07. So I am a new kid on the block. I am 65 years old. I don’t feel any different than I ever did, except that I do things slower and it takes more energy. When I look in the mirror, I wonder, who is that person looking at me.

    Guyk just went over 200,000 readers. Me, I am just small potatoes but I love being a blogger. It has opened a whole new world for me.

    Congrats on your blogoversary.

  8. Happy Blogversary!

    I know, I’m a horrible blog-stalking lurker… but, meh, what can a guy do? There are only so many hours in the day and I can’t type worth a damn.

    I’m going to slide back into lurk mode again.


  9. Happy Blogiversary!

    (I know what you mean about the body not letting you forget your age. I think EVERYTHING fell and started aching the day I turned 40!! :))

  10. Hi, Sue,

    I found your blog through Tess Gerritsen’s which I visit often.

    I am a writer in Germany with four books published, three non-fiction, one thriller.

    I like what you write about hitting the midmark. I turned 58 this year, I find life is getting better with the years.

    I have never visited Iowa yet, but I studied at Lakeland College in Florida years ago.

    I would appreciated if you visited my blog, too, to leave a comment (in English is o.k.):

  11. Happy Blogversary! My only blog regret is that it took me this long to find you.

    Oh and I’ve never been to Iowa, barely out of NJ. Wanna trade?:)

  12. Hi Sue,

    thanks for coming by and leaving a friendly comment on my blog:

    Maybe I should start blogging in English, because I have more visitors from the USA than from Germany, isn’t that strange?

    I answered your comment on my blog and will be certainly be a regular visitor on yours from now on.


  13. Woohoo! Happy Blogversary to you! I read/lurk/comment sporadically. It’s always great to hear your comments over at my place, and I always appreciate your understanding of the OCS…. 🙂 Now, dang it, I thought maybe I’d get to be #30, but I’ll have to settle for 29. Does that make me the Tipping Point? 😉

  14. And I am proud to be # 31 on this comment list!

    By the way all that itchin’ has me scratchin’ like I had shingles or sumthin

  15. aww…man….. i wanted to be #30. i’ll settle for #34. hell, i’ll even settle for being 34 again too!

    happy blogo’versary!!! i know, i know, every says blogversary, but i like my way better:)

  16. Just thought I’d add to the list and wish you a happy anniversary. Sorry I’ve been so slow to come around lately — it’s not you, it’s me (I swear!).

  17. I happen to be brand-spanking-new here, or you’d have heard from me sooner!

    I am the world’s biggest fan of Comments. Hey, without them, how do we know anyone is reading?!? Plus we get to meet lots of nice people, by having them comment in our blogs. And by commenting in other people’s blogs, we meet more folks and etc.

    I love Comments!!!!! And I love making them!!!!!!

    Happy Blogaversary!


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