Full Moon Madness

Yeah, I know. There have been some full moons since the last time I posted about it but sometimes the moon is such an intrusion that I have to mention what it has been up to now.

The dreams, they are upon us. I dream almost every night. I dream in black and white, but I also dream in color. (I've been told that is unusual.) Most dreams I remember, at least for a minute or two upon awakening, but unless I jot them down right away or they are very disturbing, they generally float away quickly out of the mind. Most times I know why I've dreamed what I have and can relate it directly to something I'm worrying about or thinking a lot about. Occasionally the dream can be brought right into the present by external input. You've all heard of this. Where you dream your alarm clock is going off, but in reality it is the phone or doorbell ringing… or the television you've left on has some noise that incorporates into your dream.

This happened to me last night, but in a little different way. I had an itch. (No, not THAT kind of an itch… geez, people, get your mind out of the gutter.) At some point in the past couple of days the mosquitoes have decided to launch a super-secret stealth attack on moi. I keep having bites, without ever actually witnessing the attack or swatting the offender. I'm pretty sure it is happening in the pre-dawn puppy-letting-out moments when I am not yet awake, but am evidently carrying enough bed-laden body warmth with me to the cool morning air to spark the breakfast gong in the female mosquito. (Did you know only the female bites? I'm just chock-full of random crap like that.) At any rate, sometime in the past couple of days I've had what I suspect is a mosquito bite right on my shoulder blade. You know, one of those places you can't get to unless you are some contortionist? Me? I can't even cross my legs "indian" style – or should that be politically correctly stated "yoga-style"? Dunno. I just know I'm not nor have ever been a flexible person. Period.

So. This is okay as long as either Hubs is handy to do the scratching, or I have something long enough to reach. Which at this exact moment in time, I don't. It is in just the perfect spot to be too far down to reach it with my little scratchy-stick from the top, and too far up to reach from the bottom with the scratchy stick, because of course, naturally, it is on the side that I have the tendentitis in the shoulder and am even less flexible than ever.

And it itches. Really. Itches. This is part of my history with bug bites. They itch and swell to some huge proportions when I get them, then at random times days later they will start itching again. Like crazy. Usually at night. When I'm trying to get to sleep. What's with that? And no, no creams or ointments (even perscription strength) seem to make a spot of difference. I've done the ice, the fingernail polish, you-name-it. Ugh.

So, last night I get Hubs to scratch it before I go to bed. Fine. All happy now. Then? During the night? It starts to itch. Maddingly. However, I don't wake up all the way… instead? I start to dream about the itch. I dream I am on a deserted island in the middle of nowhwere with five people I don't even know (no, I'm pretty sure it wasn't any of you.) and it itches. I'm trying to get someone, anyone, to scratch it for me… and no one will. They just look at me. I'm picking up sticks out of the fire to scratch, but they won't reach or they won't bend just right, or whatever… but nothing is working. I mean, geez… how crazy is this? I'm dreaming about a friggin' ITCH.

In case you're wondering, first thing I did when I woke up this morning was get Hubs to scratch my back. Yeah… what would I do without him? So, have you had any weird dreams lately? Do your dreams usually incorporate things happening in the real world?

(Thanks to all of you who stopped by to wish me happy blogiversary, too! I really do appreciate it!)

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14 thoughts on “Full Moon Madness”

  1. Hi Sue,

    my dreams are mostly very vivid around the full moon, too.

    Often they are helpful to guide me in my writing. They tell me what to do or give me a warning when I am going the wrong way.

    I listen to my dreams and take them seriously.


  2. my reality totally comes into my dreams…when i remember my dreams that is. usually i only remember them when they are sad or tragic and i wake up crying. fun, no? 🙂

    get some anti-itch cream, lady!

  3. The subject of dreams is an interesting one. I have always had a lot of dreams, and I have always dreamed in color, and for a long time, I thought everyone did.

    I have had some really weird dreams, and some that actually came true. I have read that dreams are filled with symbolism, but of course, that is an individual thing, I think…and some dreams, I think, are just the result of whatever is going on in our lives…like your mosquito bite! 🙂

  4. Wow, I had no idea it was only the female mosquito that bites. Bitches. 🙂
    Crazy about the dream, though. Next time, bring booze to the island. Mosquitos don’t matter much then.

    Oh and happy blogiversary!

  5. i hardly remember my dreams. like sizzle, i remember them when they’re sad or something. and only right after do i remember the details.
    wild about it only being the ladies that bite! i hate those bites that are in the worst possible spots to scratch! you being on an island reminded me of LOST. it wouldnt have been so bad if sexy sawyer was there to scratch that bite, now would it?
    your dog’s name is hubs? too cute!

  6. Thank you for placing a link to my blog, Sue.

    You put me into the category of “fame” – dear me! I feel honored.

    Could you please put in brackets (German/English) because I will be blogging in both languages starting tomorrow so any American visitors will be able to understand what I am writing about.

    I hope some of your folks will visit and comment. That would be great.

  7. LoL brookem! Hubs is gonna like that!
    I have been recently accosted by stealth spiders in the night receiving nasty bites around the armpits. They hurt like hell, turn black and scar over pretty bad, but I haven’t found any evidence of them in the daylight.
    I am a dreamer so it is no surprise that i dream all the time. Either black and white or color.
    As far as full moon tales go, I posted mine on RFL Chaos and a dash of Nutmeg blog page:

  8. No weird dreams, but I suddenly itch all over! Damn you, woman. The Power of Suggestion says you deserve an earworm… “Na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey, go-o-o-od-bye.”

  9. My sleep has been so messed up lately that I find I only remember the dreams I have just before I wake up. Which sucks because that’s when I’m in my deepest sleep-and I should just be coming out of that phase, but nope. Smack dab in the middle. So I’ve been whipped lately. Dreams about tornadoes in the past have always stuck with me…I still remember one from about 10 years ago-shook me to my core. Hate it.

  10. You should’ve told me about the mosquitos. I made a bug repellent soap. It works great. I work outside and haven’t been bitten once. Let me know if you want a bar.

  11. Gotta tell you, I’m so susceptible to bug bites I cannot walk across my yard to get my mail without getting bitten. I’ve read about this and it’s in our chemical makeup. I keep my Avon bug spray at front and back doors and yet I still try to go without it sometimes.

    Chiggers act like what you described: itch, settle down and then itch worse than before. Girl, I envy you that great back-scratcher! I had to use a door frame to get relief once this summer when a bite was so “unreachable.” Ha! Hope your next dreams are happier.

  12. Hello Sue, I love your blog. Thank you for linking me. I will do the same with yours if it’s o.k. with you? Dreaming is very important to me. I dream all the time and remember most of them. You are very right,it’s more uncommon for people to dream in color. Most of my vivid dreams happen as the moon goes from full to wane. If I don’t know what a particular color represents from one of my dreams, then I will look it up in one of my many spiritual books, so I can find the meaning and the message behind the color. I dread dreaming of black, cause it’s never a good omen.

  13. Oh man, I hate when I have nothing to say… I can relate, I had nothing to say for two months!

    Glad to see all the new changes on the site, it looks very tidy and easy to read. What kind of racing is your son doing? I looked for more specifics, but didn’t see it.

    Nice seeing you again Sue!

  14. When really in need, in an itch situation, look for the sharpest corner you can find. Corners that stick out. Not corners, which go in. Think about it, it will come to you. -grin-

    And rub your back against it, and move around till it’s scratching the itch. Sounds weird, but it works. ,-)


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