Panic Attack vol.127

Do you ever do something stupid when messing with your blog and the whole thing disappears? Completely? Gone?  Do you panic? Do you start wondering how you'll ever remember all those lovely people you had on your sidebar and where they can be found? Do you wonder what will happen to all those comments you just got done begging for? Shamelessly? What about those words… all those words. Some mundane, but some rather precious. Um…okay…yeah…me neither.

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11 thoughts on “Panic Attack vol.127”

  1. a long time ago i use to fuss with my template like every week, then one day it was all gone…poof. omg…i about puked. since that day i haven’t touched my template. not even once. fear sucks.

  2. Since I set up my blog I have not done a thing to it out of exactly this fear. I wonder is they make anxiety drugs for this.

  3. Heck..I’m as scared of this thing, as I am a snake! I’ve thought about the very same losing the whole blog. *shudder*

  4. Been there, done that.
    I tell ya’ what, though, I recently let my domain expire, and lost about 4 years worth of blog. Looking back, yes, I’m sad it’s gone, but it’s also very freeing. The good, the bad, the ugly, all gone. Clean slate.

  5. Nat- try Bach Rescue Remedy.
    I bought some for my cat, it worked on me, but Nutmeg reacts to it like mega catnip. Go figure…

    I have no fear of blog failure, been there done that although I currently set up my site as cluster blogs to allow myself some variety in backgrounds and reduce the urge to “change it up” too often. And still, stuff happens. Currently my EBNS; email blog notification system is down for unknown reasons and I have to actually physically eyeball my blogs to check for comments (how last year!).

  6. I’ve been blogging for close to two years now……eventually you give up begging for comments and you decide that you’re going to make people read you and love you, or they can just leave because you don’t care anymore.

    I’m in my ‘Blog Like Nobody’s Reading You’ stage. It’s just too hard to please a vast audience. Don’t you think?

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