Lesson Learned #1075

You never stop learning. I heard that somewhere and it really is true. I've heard learning keeps your brain sharp and wards off evils like Alzheimers' and good old fashioned brain farts. In that case, I'm going to be really sharp for a very long time.

Today's lesson is this. When you go a few days without taking your medication and you start taking said medication again you are once more reminded of the lovely side effects the medication can have when you haven't taken it for awhile. You know… the cramps, the diarrhea, the general unease within your body. Lesson #1075 – don't stop taking the medication. Or, if you do stop, don't start again. Ever.

Thank you. You may go back to whatever you were doing.

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13 thoughts on “Lesson Learned #1075”

  1. Yóu are so right about learning for a lifetime. At the moment I am trying to figure out why
    a) Jan cannot leave a comment on my blog
    b) I cannot read the comments on Jan’s
    blog although I am able to leave a comment.

    Oh, wonders!

    I’ll let you know as soon as I have come to some kind of result.

    By the way, the link to your blog is placed on mine now. I hope it will bring you some new visitors.

  2. Medication is such a blessing…and a curse. It can help in so many ways, but comes with baggage of its own sometimes, too. Just listen to those damn commercials!

  3. Sounds rather similar to going to the gym… take some time off and be reminded, through sheer physical pain, that should never have taken the time off. Ouch.

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