Input Necessary *Updated*

I know I've asked you all this before, but the last time I brought up the subject there were only 3 of you reading. Now that there are slightly more than that I need to check in again. It is related to comments. Please tell me which one you prefer:

  1. To have your comment answered or acknowledged via e-mail (which is how I've been doing it).
  2. To have your comment answered or acknowledged in comments
  3. To have me pretend you were never here, making you feel better about having come here
  4. None of the above – suggestions welcome

Thanks! If you'd be so kind as to respond, this may stay up through the weekend just so you all get a chance to answer. I really AM wondering. Seems I see a little of both out on your sites and just didn't know which one you thought was proper… or correct blog manners. Is there such a thing? Hmmm…

*Update* Once again I thank everyone for participating in my poll. As of now there really is no clear "winner"… but I think I'm getting an idea of what you'd like to have. Also, is it only me who sees the irony in practically breaking my own highest number of comments from people commenting on a post about comments? Okay, maybe just me…

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40 thoughts on “Input Necessary *Updated*”

  1. Personally I like the personalized email touch. It is personal and offers an opportunuity to banter back and forth person to person w/o filling up your comment section. On a personal note, persons who are left out of the loop by not seeing the additional comments privately exchanged person to person may not find it as personable.
    But I am personally perfectly content with the status quo. Thats my personal opinion. Just stop me if I’m being too personal.

  2. if it warrants a response, i like an email. i don’t check back to all the blogs i read to see if they commented back to me in the comments. i have to actually get work done during the day! ha ha.

  3. I like it, when you answer my comments on the blog. This method also benefits you, because it will augment the number of comments. Furthermore, this might start a discussion between the commenters,too. I find that communicative.

  4. On one hand, commenting via e-mail is more personal, on the other seeing all the comments and replies gives you the feeling of being in a Community. I can go either way, but lean slightly towards replying in your blog.

  5. Compared to you, I get very very few comments. I do some of both. Although sometimes I don’t get a chance to answer because I’m busy working and I forget (yeah, I’m bad – even with very few comments I can forget to answer… LOL).

    I think go with what feels best with the post. If you want to have a comment conversation then post your response as a comment. Otherwise respond via email if you have the time (and the person gives you a valid email addy). It’s one of those hard to resolve things.

  6. I like the emails – I used to do that too, but sometimes my readers put fake emails just to get past the required field, so that’s why I started responding in my own comments.

  7. Personally, either way is fine with me. It is not important to me to see my comment posted, but I agree that some commenters could feel left out, if you have no way of emailing them.

    I like to acknowledge each one in comments, if I can, just to show my appreciation that they took the time to stop by.

  8. In the beginning…..

    Okay, that sounds dramatic enough. Well, I would rather spend my time going to visit other bloggers than enslave myself to the answering of all the comments. That gets to be very time consuming-almost job like- and makes me want to quit blogging altogether. When I only had a couple people reading, it was easy to respond to everyone…..but it’s not now. I mean that in a totally non-narcissistic way. It’s just a fact that people have lives and we understand that you can’t be chained to your blog 24/7. I thought about turning off comments sometimes, because I feel guilty if I can’t get back to everyone’s blogs to say ‘Hi.’

    Have you seen the ‘Blogging Without Obligation’ pledge blinkie on some blogs? I like that in theory, but it’s hard to put into practice.

  9. I tend to answer comments on my blog if something needs answering but I did enjoy your email regarding my comment. I don’t always check previous posts though to see if anyone answered it so your way is more effective.

  10. Either way is fine with me. Just DON’T do what someone did to me years ago: answer my comment from their blog in MY comment section! Now that got REAL confusing real fast! 🙂

  11. It doesn’t really matter to me.. I do both on my blog.. I like to email a response if I can, but it’s not always possible.. Most of my comments come with a “no reply” address.

  12. It depends. Sometimes, if I’m asking something specific, I like an email.

    Other times it’s fun to discover answers in the comments.

  13. Unless there’s something you MUST say to the commenter, I don’t generally reply to comments. I like getting your emails – don’t get me wrong. But it just seems like it could turn into a full-time job to personally reply to every comment made (even with my grand total of 5 comments on a REALLY magnetic post!).

    So my preference? Whatever you feel like. You blog for you. We’re just the lucky onlookers.

  14. I think it’s unrealistic to answer every comment, whether via email or on the blog – I’d go bonkers if I made that an expectation of myself, and I don’t even get many comments! Hi, I’m scatterbrained AND lazy. Excellent. That said, if something seems to warrant an answer I’ll respond directly or in the comments if it seems like something I want future commenters to know before they comment. Could I use the word comment a little bit more in this comment?! I should stop now. I think the beauty of it all is that you can make your own rules about what you and don’t want to do, and what works best in your world!

  15. I do both….if I have the time to comment back to everyone on my blog, then I copy and paste those replies in emails. I am not arrogant enough to think someone will come back and read my comments but am enough of an attention whore that I have to send the email ;).

  16. I like it when the answer is in the comment section because it sort of makes a flowing conversation…or 20 separate conversations..but anyway, its’ usually an extension of the post eventually and adds more to it all. But I’m not picky actually. I don’t mind either way or if it’s not answered at all. Definitely more enjoyment with answered comments though.

  17. Have one thing to add. When the comment is from someone new to the blog and possibly never likely to return, then an email is better, if they leave a real email addy.

  18. Most comments don’t need a response, nor do I expect one. If I respond to comments I usually send an email and sometimes, if I think others would like to know how I respond I will also do it in comments. HA! Like that helped!

  19. As far as when I leave comments on other’s sites,
    1) I would prefer there be a “subscribe to comments” option, because if I comment, I want to see the followups automatically sent via email.
    2) I don’t particularly care if the author responds to me via email or in the comments, but it’s always nice when they do.

    When people leave comments on MY site,
    1) I feel it’s good etiquette to respond to them, and I do so pretty much only in comments. I’ll email them if something seems it should be private
    2) I send them $1000

    Well, maybe I don’t do that last one…

  20. I prefer an e-mail because I tend to forget to look back at the comments again. I usually reply to my commenters via e-mail, but will occasionally put the response in my comments too if I feel it would benefit someone else wanting to leave a comment. But I don’t think a response is always necessary. It depends on the nature of the comment.

  21. I like the feature with wordpress that people have to leave their email so you can respond. it doesn’t matter whatever is easiest for you.

  22. Hey. Whatever turns you on! I answer comments on my site sometimes and usually answer e-mail. But I don’t expect people to feel obligated to answer my comments…

  23. Oh lord, please tell me there won’t be formal etiquette attached to blogging, I don’t think I’d survive it.

    No matter what form you opt to take, have faith that most people who comment realize that you have a life going on outside of your blog. It’s nice to respond to every comment in some form, but sometimes you simply can’t. I think most people forgive that and understand it as well.

    How nice of you to worry about it though!

  24. I haven’t read all the other comments but just wanted to say that I never expect a response when I comment, but if there is one I don’t mind how it comes!

  25. Wow… look at all this. 🙂

    I respond to everyone via email. But don’t expect you too. I don’t check the blog back either. So it’s really up to you, but feels much more personal when I get a response.

  26. I have to admit that I don’t usually have the time to go back into previous posts and read the responses to my comments b/c I’m just trying to keep up with the latest posts:) I wouldn’t feel obligated to respond to every single comment b/c I know you read them. I usually just respond when people ask questions or I might want to follow up on something in particular. I’ll comment in the comments box if I feel like I need to clarify something or if it’s a “hot topic” and I feel the need to publicly debate what someone has said.

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