Weekends? (A Poll)

No, this isn't a poll to find out if we should have weekends. We already know the answer to that. My questions are more blog-oriented.

  1. Do you blog on weekends? (I notice several bloggers take the weekends off)
  2. Do you read blogs on weekends?
  3. What is the highest blog-traffic day on your blog?

See? If I keep asking these questions and you keep answering, eventually I may get the hang of this blog-thing.

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27 thoughts on “Weekends? (A Poll)”

  1. I blog on weekends myself and I read other blogs, too. Actually I have got more time on weekends than during the week. I do not know how to answer your third question, though. I would say it all depends on how much work I have got to do. Some weeks I blog more, some less, some none.

  2. It just depends on my weekend. Much of the time we are crazy busy on the weekends and it is just easier to blog during the week. I do notice that I get fewer visitors on the weekend. Probably because many of my readers are mommies and we try to get things done when we have help at home!

  3. I am a sporadic blogger. I go through phases where I blog every day, then phases where it goes a week or so. But yes, there are blog posts on the weekend.

    I maintain an exercise blog/log as well and that one I only update when I work out, my long run is usually on Sunday. That is more to keep me motivated.

    I don’t have a lot of readers. It’s really an public internal dialogue. Biggest traffic in one day was a post about Tide not being able to get the blood out. I reckon it got picked up by some corporate monitoring. But NO comments. So it was a bit odd. Shrug.

    On blogging, it has no real rules. It’s more about you than about us. So don’t worry about it too much.

  4. I usually don’t blog on Saturdays unless I have something I really want to get out, like I did today. It’s not that I am a comment whore who knows no one is reading but oh wait, maybe that IS it ;). I think it’s more like that sometimes I come up with my best work on Saturdays and shoot myself cause I want everyone to see it cause again, i am a whore ;0.

    I generally read blogs on weekends here and there but Saturday mornings are a great catch-up time for me!

    Sad that I know this but my highest traffic is Tuesday and Wednesday. We actually had a big discussion about this at the Tequila Con gathering and most people say the same thing!

  5. Oh oh oh, on the flip side…..generally I can be caught on email at any given time during the weekday and I answer quite quickly but not on the weekends!

  6. 1. Sometimes, but not consistently. I’ll blog if I missed a Friday, maybe – or if something interesting happened (like the crazy lady who got the hose turned on her!!!)
    2. Definitely. I can’t miss my Post Secret on Sundays!
    3. Mondays. I wouldn’t call it “high traffic” but when I look at my statcounter info, I’ll average 50-80 unique visitors for the week, with over 100 on Mondays. Guess that’s good – Mondays need a boost! 🙂 That said, I only have about 27 regular readers! Part of me wants a lot of readers, and part of me doesn’t, because with the volume, you get the crazies & the mean comments and more of the downside of blogging…

  7. Howdy howdy! Added your link. Thank you for adding mine. 🙂

    Been blogging almost three years. I began with a daily blog. Thursdays were the slowest day for me. Mondays were busiest, comment wise. Fridays were biggest hit wise.

    I went to weekdays only after I felt my posts weren’t getting enough readers or attention. Seems like people are afraid to read an older blog, like it expires or some crap. LOL!

    This year I am only blogging once a week. Usually, some time during the weekend. My regulars know that and seem to be sticking around.

    I hope that helps.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I try to stay off on the weekends – mainly because I spend 99% of my time on the computer during the week. This time I’m waiting for word on my move to my new bloggy digs (not a new address, but new blog software) so I’ve been hanging out online when I really shouldn’t be. heh.

    High traffic… um.. yeah right. Well I get the “most traffic” (most being a relative term) usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. Every once in a while I get a link from a “bigger blogger” that will bring me a number of extra hits – those only last a day or two and then I’m back down to my usual numbers again.

  9. Reading all the other comments after me I realize that I misunderstood your third question, Sue. By “high traffic” you mean how many visitors the blog gets each day. That is an interesting question. I have not paid any attention to it yet, but from now on I will.

  10. 1.yes
    3. I don’t know. All my loyal reader (not a typo) comments come out soon after my post as a rule regardless the day. I do have the casual commenters (three to date) who have not commented enough to establish a pie chart or migratory analysis. I do not have a blog monitor, nor do I have any blog software. Am I a lousy excuse of a blogger for not having these things? I didn’t even know there were such toys. I am so Blogiliterate. Is there a blog Guru to seek out for wisdom?

  11. i usually blog on sunday nites to give a recap of my oh so thrilling weekend. i usually never blog friday or saturday. i have noticed that my blogger buds blog more on weekday nites when the kids have gone to bed. and i read other people’s blogs on weekends……

  12. 1. I hardly ever blog on the weekends. I’m usually far away from a computer.

    2. Depending on what we’re doing on the weekends I’ll usually spend at least a few minutes going through my bloglines list.

    3. My highest traffic days are always the day I write a post, which is usually only twice a week. Those days I’ll hit around 500 visits. Most days I’m lucky if I break 300.

  13. I blog whenever. During the hockey season I usually will put up a post after every game–whenever they are played.

    As long as I’m at home–or I have the laptop with me during a road trip–I will read all of my ‘must reads’ every day.

    I don’t seem to have very many high traffic days–and whenever I have, they are very hit and miss.

  14. Hi Sue, I like to blog on the weekday mornings, while my son is watching his cartoons and my daughter is in school. I usually read other people’s blogs at that time too.

  15. I haven’t blogged enough to know much about it. I do read all my favorite blogs everyday. So far, I think that I’ve blogged each-and-every-day, but I don’t know if that will become the norm…and then there are days when you wish you just didn’t blog at all.

    P.S. Michael’s comments on your blog always make me laugh,(well, sometimes) and you do too, so I surely never miss reading your blog on a daily basis! 🙂

  16. It’s sort of up to you. I used to blog on weekends but not so much any more. I didn’t get as much traffic on weekends so I figured why bother? I do read blogs on weekends sometimes but I usually get busy with other stuff. As for the high traffic times….I’d have to look at my stat counter to be sure but I haven’t done that in ages.

  17. Sue, I took your advice and added little trip counters to my blogs, and guess what? I checked as soon as they were active and I have had only one visitor on my blogsites!

    Oh, wait… I suppose that number might go up with time? Check back with me later.

  18. tuesdays and wednesdays are the highest traffic days for me…probably because everyone is trying to get through to the weekend. i stopped blogging on the weekends a couple of months ago. now it is sporadic. i’m thinking of not blogging every day m-f either but rather when inspiration strikes. it’s silly but i worry if i don’t post daily i will lose readership.

    most weekends i try to stay off the computer since i am glued to it m-f. i don’t always succeed (this comment is testament to that!).

  19. I usually blog on weekends.

    I read blogs on weekends.

    I haven’t paid attention to stats in a long time. I think mid-week is my high traffic time.

  20. Know what it depends on? Computers.

    Some people can only blog from work because they don’t have good connections at home.

    Some people only read blogs on the weekends because their work computers have filters that block blogs and blogging.

    When I started, I only wrote on Monday through Friday. Then, when I got DSL, I started throwing at least a little something in there on the weekends for anyone who missed me during the week due to having been at work.

  21. 1. Do you blog on weekends?
    I used to not blog on the weekends, but now it seems like that’s the only time I DO have to blog at all. Usually I don’t get to my TITMT responses until Sunday morning.
    2. Do you read blogs on weekends?
    I try to read and respond when I post. I used to keep up with comments as they came in, but that gets harder and harder these days.
    3. What is the highest blog-traffic day on your blog?
    I honestly don’t know. I used to get a lot of hits, in the good ole days:( LOL

  22. I blog when the urge strikes. I work retail, so my days off are rarely Saturday and Sunday. (This past wkend and the one upcoming being exceptions to that rule.) That being said, yes, I do blog on my days off. I don’t have a significant other or tons of friends to go running around enjoying my freedom with, so my blog keeps me company. Likewise for the blogs I read. Some days, I barely leave my computer except to refill my coffee cup.

    It’s a boring, lonely life I lead.

  23. I sometimes try to post on Sunday night so there’s a fresh one on Monday morning for people to read, but it’s more than the exception than the norm. I tend to only blog (reading or writing) from work b/c I just don’t want to be on the computer when I’m home and I’d rather spend time with Ted or my friends.

  24. Are you writing a book on blogging? lol 😉

    Honestly, I blog when I feel like it. Which is most of the time. I keep up with my fav bloggers, sometimes a few days late when life is busy, but I do keep up. This isn’t a toy for me or a game. It used to be just for fun but things changed. So I view it as a commitment moreso than I did before.

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