100 Things

  1. I used to be good at math and spelling
  2. I am not a natural redhead
  3. I went pre-maturely white haired in my 20's
  4. I am painfully shy until you get to know me, then I'm very out-going
  5. I enjoy driving but not riding
  6. I am an only child
  7. I am not spoiled
  8. I need feedback
  9. I was always freakishly tall, now everyone has caught up to me
  10. I love to read mysteries and horror and other strange things
  11. I hate romance novels. All of them.
  12. I usually know how it ends
  13. I am an animal nut, but am not an advocate of PETA
  14. I love my children and my children's children, but have little time and patience for other people's children
  15. I am anti-social
  16. I like it at home
  17. I enjoy the outdoors as long as it is bug-free
  18. I am a chocoholic
  19. I have a crack-addiction need for Pepsi
  20. I am allergic to artificial sweeteners
  21. I love jammie days
  22. I have been married twice, divorced once
  23. I find my (current) husband to be the sexiest man alive – imperfections and all
  24. I laugh easily
  25. I cry over sad movies and books
  26. I do not cry at weddings. Ever.
  27. I never drank alcohol before I turned 18
  28. I don't like beer
  29. I have ESP
  30. I loved school but hated the people
  31. I am soft-hearted
  32. I like plants and gardening
  33. I hate people who play dumb
  34. I am a very good painter when I copy something, but not so good when doing originals
  35. I have a gift for interior design
  36. I think like a computer. We've always gotten along well.
  37. I believe in God – wherever She is
  38. I feel I'm an old soul
  39. I like to do things with my kids
  40. I had a nervous breakdown
  41. I survived
  42. I am much better now
  43. I secretly want to write and publish books – (not so secret anymore)
  44. I have lots of good beginnings for books, but no storyline
  45. I would like to be debt-free
  46. I don't like having my picture taken
  47. I don't have time for people who play mind games
  48. I anger slowly
  49. I hold grudges
  50. I admit when I'm wrong
  51. I used to be skinny and gorgeous but never knew it until I wasn't anymore
  52. I got glasses in 5th grade and didn't recognize my own mother
  53. I love snow
  54. I do not tan – I burn and peel and burn and peel and freckle
  55. I have Irish heritage and am proud of it
  56. Ireland is the only country outside of the USA I would like to visit
  57. I have only been outside of the USA twice
  58. I much prefer working with men to working with women
  59. I have two good friends – the rest are just aquaintances
  60. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste
  61. I hug my family – no one else
  62. I am a voracious reader
  63. I like to cook but hate to clean up
  64. I like to eat. Everything. See no. 51
  65. If I won the lottery I wouldn't quit my job, just ask my boss to let me work from home
  66. I am a natural slob but a neat one
  67. I am a perfectionist
  68. I like movies and don't mind going by myself
  69. I have an innate sense of time
  70. Racial remarks upset me
  71. I love all music and wish I could sing – okay, wish I could sing well
  72. I played a trumpet in school – I was first chair
  73. I learned piano as an adult
  74. I forgot everything I learned
  75. I would like to learn it all again
  76. I like to swim but don't often. See no. 64
  77. I unsuccessfully tried to kill myself. It was a long time ago.
  78. I know better now
  79. I do not go to Tupperware parties or anything resembling them
  80. I do not play cutesy games. See above.
  81. I have a mind and I like to use it
  82. I am a good lover
  83. I like to live where there are four seasons
  84. I have a high tolerance for old people
  85. I have a low tolerance for stupidity
  86. If no. 84 and 85 occur at the same time, no. 85 will probably win
  87. I have had back surgery
  88. I do not like commercials
  89. I do not like talking on the phone
  90. I like e-mail
  91. I like people who make me laugh
  92. I hate home videos. Anybody's.
  93. I have never broken a bone
  94. I was never an athlete
  95. I don't have allergies
  96. I am scared of heights
  97. I am scared of guns
  98. I wish I could play video games
  99. I hate clowns
  100. Full moons mess with me

One thought on “100 Things”

  1. It’s more than amazing how many of your 100 listed items pertain to me as well. I know I am older than you, but consider my, “inside person,” to be ten to 15 years younger. Number 51 especially hits home. Quick count (minus 15 of yours).

    Wish you lived closer ’cause I would be a movie-buddy who doesn’t talk in the theater, but loves to critique the movie with someone who doesn’t look off in space and say, “uh,huh, really?”….my “friend of 25 years, Dick, dislikes movies intensely.” Know what I mean? Ha! ~Kay~(Brad’s Mom).

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