Testosterone World

I’ve been watching the “CSI” marathon on Spike TV the past couple of nights and have noticed the overwhelming marketing campaign dripping with testosterone. I, not having that particular gene that makes me drool when I see the latest video game, pin-up girl, booze or grilled burger find it all rather a sad reflection of how our society views the male of the species. For one, I find it interesting that the marathon is taking place on a “mens network” at all! I have found over the years that a) women can stand the sight of blood, gore, and all forms of bodily waste much better than men can and b) despite “blond jokes” we can be logical and intelligent too. Just a thought.

Kinder and Gentler

I was getting ready for work this morning, muddling around in a half-awake daze, and I could hear raised voices coming from the livingroom. Hubby was loudly expressing his views on television news and television in general. He doesn’t like it, but he won’t turn it off. “What’s the alternative?” he asks. God forbid we should have peace and quiet! YD was trying to get him to look at it a different way (as well as the ‘turn it off’ suggestion) and was getting nowhere fast. He often expresses himself in this negative, loud manner – but is quick to say “I’m not mad at you!” …as if that makes it better. I suppose it does, in a way, as I certainly wouldn’t want him spewing all that negativity at something I’ve said or done, but it is still rather grating. Especially first thing in the morning.

Before I left, I made it clear I wasn’t happy about the negativity, but all that accomplished was making me feel bad for making him feel bad. Ended up calling him on the way to work to apologize. Does that make sense? In some warped universe, I suppose it does…

Can This Be Any More Confusing?

Okay, I’m trying to be computer savy – I know I can be. I have been in the past. Am I losing it? Possibly… Used to be I had every computer magazine known to man delivered to my door and I faithfully read every article, ad, and link they provided. Unfortunately, over the past few years I’ve let my attention lapse. Yes, the magazines still came faithfully to my door. They look wonderful and have the ‘new magazine smell’ bonded into their very being. I don’t seem to have that same Pavlovian response, however. No longer do I drool and pounce on them the second they come in the door. I put them in a stack on the nearest table where eventually one of three things happens, a) they get covered with a thick film of dust, b) they get covered by another periodical, c) they get whisked away forever by number one son who is studying such things in an institute of higher learning. Most often it is ‘a’. I am trying to figure out how to make my blog do things I see other people doing. Things like linking to other blogs and websites that I like. Listing books I’m reading or have read. Listing movies. Listing things I want to do before I’m 40. Ooops! That one is long gone… At any rate, you get the idea. One of these days I’m going to have to get serious and figure out just what it is that gets these things done on my blog. For now, I’ll just take out my frustration this way. {Other Thoughts} Today I woke with a backache – again. I’m sorry, but the ‘wonder bed’ we purchased just doesn’t seem to be so wonderful. Why? I don’t know. I guess I’ve not figured out what ‘number’ I should be. Going from a waterbed to this one I expected great things. NO backaches, for one thing. I have always experienced pain when sleeping on another bed, be it a motel, my parents’, or other so-called ‘normal’ beds. I was thinking since this bed could be dialed to a soft setting it would duplicate the waterbed and I wouldn’t have such nonsense. Well, it worked for about a week, then all of a sudden I started having the pain! I made it firmer, thinking I was getting used to it, but that didn’t seem to work. Now it seems nothing works. Hubby has no complaints. At all. Sleeps like a log. I don’t know what this means for the future, but I’m not happy. On a happier note, just for fun I checked on Rent tickets today with Ticketmaster. They’ve been on sale for quite a while. I didn’t expect much. I got 4th row, middle seats! Can you believe it?? I couldn’t… I got one for myself and #1 son and #2 daughter. They’ve seen it before and love it. Called them – they were both thrilled. Something FUN to do in October! Of course, Hubby will probably be in the field then and will have something grouchy to say about us being gone, but hopefully it will be late enough in the evening (and maybe it will RAIN or something) that it won’t cause trouble. I know I’m excited!

Back to the Norm

Back to the norm after it turned out to be a pretty un-eventful holiday weekend here. I was to go to a wedding out of town on Saturday, but woke up about 3 a.m. with stomach troubles so didn’t go. Hubby and youngest son went to race Saturday night at Webster City. It was the last ‘season’ race. Son ended up 2nd in points overall and 2nd that night. He decided not to race at Supernationals in Boone. That started last night. Hubby went to watch, but son decided not to race this year.

Youngest daughter worked Saturday and Monday (got overtime for Monday). Oldest boy went to several out-of-town things; A wedding reception in Minneapolis for friends who eloped, then had the party. A concert in Apple Valley Wisconsin, and he was supposed to go to Chicago to a ball game yesterday, but they came home early. They’d been camping and gotten rained on at the concert, then were just cold and miserable, so skipped the game. Son admits he’s more of a town kid – likes things like showers, tv, toilets, air conditioning, beds. LOL!

Son-in-law-to-be had bike races in Fayettville, Arkansas. He came in 11th overall out of 20-some. Their big news was the purchase of a washer and dryer this weekend. Daughter found them online through a Sears ad, then SILTB purchased them and made arrangements for hook-ups next weekend. It was fun to see them both so excited…about something so un-glamorous!

I made more in-roads into my craft stuff. Got some more things put away this weekend. Right now I’ve not messed much with any craft stuff except cross-stitch. I’ve got a sampler I’m working on for daughter and SILTB, plus a couple of things for the house. It’s been frustrating to know what I want to find for the house, then not being able to find it – like a dried lavender swag or wreath. Do you think I’ve been able to find one? NO… when I didn’t want one, they were EVERYWHERE. Now that I do… well, I’m about the point of having to make my own, but even the supplies have been hard to find or extremely expensive. Picked up a few things the other day at Hobby Lobby, but it still wasn’t really what I wanted.

My weekend excitement! I was sitting out at the end of the deck yesterday reading and one of the chipmunks came scampering up… first, sat on the chair next to me, then before I knew it, he ran up my chair and sat on my shoulder! He sat there for a good 5 seconds before he realized what he’d done (or I did) and then he ran back down, sat on the chair next to me for another 15 seconds or so, then scampered off. I decided he was trying to tell me he wanted food, as I’ve been putting birdseed out in a shallow pan for them (there are two we know of) and they’ve been putting it in their cheeks and running out and storing it in several places. At any rate, it stormed on Sunday evening and night, so I’d taken the dish in as it was blowing around. I hadn’t put it back yet until he came and sat on me, so decided maybe that was a hint. Hubby wasn’t home, but got a kick out of it when he heard about it.

Glad I’m Not That Age Again (1)

As my youngest daughter prepares to marry the love of her life next March, I see the “happy couple” turning into the “stressed-out adversaries”. Oh, how well I remember those early days of figuring each other out and putting yourself on the line for the “rest of your life”. I hear bits and pieces of long-distance conversations (he’s already landed a good job in a bordering state) and know 9 or 10 o’clock at night after a long day at work is not the best time to be hashing out wedding details… or, for that matter, life details. Everyone is tired and short-tempered and what was meant for sarcasm or dry humor is suddenly taken the wrong way and we have a flare up of “what am I doing?” going on. On the odd weekends when true love is able to meet face-to-face, the big issues are drowned in the joy of being able to actually see one another, and the happiness overwhelms any thought of serious discussion or plans.

As I sit in an evening in quiet companionship with the love of my life, the twenty-five plus years we’ve been together meld into a blur. How we got to this point is a mystery, for it wasn’t always this way. We laugh at how we finish each other’s sentences and expect in a few short years we won’t have to say anything at all! Early on there were many obstacles to overcome. I was a ‘town kid’ born and bred and my sweetheart has always lived on a farm. There are a few years difference between us, but because he acts younger than his age and I like to think I’ve always been a bit on the mature side, we seem to meet in the middle. There are a few issues that come up where I can see his age showing and someday I’ll address some of those, but for the most part he and I agree. I, being an only child, had no siblings to love, hate, or otherwise mess with, where he is the eldest of three – which became a priceless gift when our children were young and the boys fought all the time and I was told that was “normal”. They weren’t going to kill each other. (Now they are grown, they actually like each other! What a blessing!)

I know my daughter has a life of love and happiness ahead with lots of laughter, hopefully few tears, and even fewer sorrows. The ride will be an adventure with many a side road to take and lots of unexpected detours – but it’ll be worth it. I know.

Batting Zero

What a worthless day yesterday turned out to be!

I got off work early (noon) thinking youngest daughter and I would get a bunch of stuff done, but the planets weren’t aligned, or some such thing. Everything we tried to do was a big fat ZERO! We went to the florist to see if she had wedding estimate done yet (was supposed to have it in a week – it’s been a month). Also, I’m looking for some dried lavender in a swag or wreath. Of course, when I’m NOT looking for it, everyone has it. Now I can’t find it. The florist closed at noon. Why? Who knows. But it was a handwritten note, so not the norm. Then, across the street to the bridal store to make sure her dress got ordered. Closed at noon on Mondays. Who knew. To a well-known gift shop on Grand Avenue where we found some cute things, but when I went to buy something there was no clerk to be found. Anywhere! So, after waiting awhile with a bunch of elderly ladies who were also milling about, I gave up – put my selections back and we left. Went to the library – a non-event. Then to Mary Kay’s florist – again, no luck. They had some fake lavender and sage in loose bunches, but it was $20 for a very small sprig! No way! We’d been going to a movie, but couldn’t find anything we really wanted to see. Didn’t have lunch because we weren’t hungry enough to decide what we wanted or where we wanted to go. Ended up getting groceries and going home. Whoo-haa! What an exciting afternoon off!

This morning I woke with amigraine and didn’t come to work until late morning. I think it’s the full moon. It’s been keeping me awake the past couple of nights it is so bright. I may have to break down and put some blinds up after all – the sheers just aren’t doing the trick.

Quiet Sunday

Youngest son got 3rd place racing last night.

Pretty quiet today. Youngest daughter and fiance were out the door at 5:30 a.m. to go help at a bike race in Colo. They were home and back in bed by noon.

Youngest son came to get mower today. He was going to mow awhile, then he and girlfriend were supposed to go to her folks and he was going to finish when he got home. Hubby misunderstood and thought he was bringing back mower before they went to her folks. Well, that went over like a lead balloon. After listening to Hubby yell at son on the phone, I went over and brought it back for him. Peace.

Cooked pork chops for supper. Good. All in all, a pretty quiet day.


Another exciting Saturday night. A co-worker is having a party, but I just can’t get excited about going by myself. Guess it’s that old “anti-social” thing kicking in again. Hubby and MIL went to the races. Youngest daughter and fiance went out. Older son went to LeMars this afternoon for the rest of the weekend.

Number one daughter and husband came last night to pick up grandson. I’d picked him up from Kid’s Club and he was to stay overnight, but when I woke yesterday morning I’d done something to my wrist and I couldn’t move it without it hurting, it was weak, and very painful – like a sprain. I iced it, though not swollen, then bandaged it. Doctors’ office was short-staffed, so said to call this morning at 8 and they’d try to get me in, so thought my daughter should pick him up last night to avoid an early morning. When I woke this morning, it was a bit better so decided to be cheap and not call the doc. Will wait a couple more days and see how it feels.

Except for cleaning house, laundry, getting groceries and washing the back deck, I’ve been very unproductive today.

Saw both chipmunks at once! There really ARE two of them! That’s my excitement for the day…

The Beginning

Oh MY! Well, we’re off to a start now, aren’t we? I’ve read enough of these to think I could possibly have something to add. Perhaps I’m being a bit bold to assume someone could want to read something I’ve rambled on about in my head. Guess if they don’t, they’ll go off and do something else, huh?