Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

Jammie day / weekend didn't turn out exactly how I planned. My daughter pointed out that I have been so long without a jammie day I may have forgotten the rules!!

Jammie Day Rules

  1. Stay in jammies or comfortable clothing, preferably clothing you wouldn't be caught dead on the street in.
  2. Don't shower or bathe unless it is a relaxing bubble bath or sauna.
  3. Don't wash your hair. Combing or brushing is allowed if it makes you feel better.
  4. Brushing teeth is allowed, flossing is not
  5. Junk food aka comfort food is required (jammie day calories are always zero – the happiness cancels them out)
  6. Activities must be something stress-free
  7. You do not leave the house. The exception is if you are in your own yard. You must not leave the property, however.

What did I do? I not only showered, I actually did "stuff". I cleaned out a linen / junk closet in my bathroom. I organized my makeup drawer. I did some laundry. I cleaned a bit.

On Sunday I not even showered, but dressed and put on makeup as we met the kids at a local restaurant for lunch. I can't really even consider Sunday as being a jammie day because of that. It definately broke several rules, especially number 7.

I am so ashamed. I promise the next jammie day I get I will do better. I realize I have many blogs to catch up on. Maybe that's what I'll do next jammie day. In my bed. In my jammies. Unshowered. Catch you then.


Several months ago when my daughters and I decided we would make our own private group on World of Warcraft (called a guild) no one dreamed the drama we would encounter. I ended up being the guild manager (the GM)… only in our guild I'm called the Guild Mother. Plenty of days I feel just like that. The mom. After a few bad experiences with kids (12, 13 yr olds) in the guild, we decided to make it adults only. That has worked out pretty well. Except when the adults don't act like adults.

We've had some personality clashes which have ended up in hurt feelings and people leaving the guild. That was upsetting because we try and stress that unlike some guilds which are very goal-oriented and make work out of it, we want it to be what it is. A Game. We also don't devote 24/7 to it as some people do. Our motto is, "We have a LIFE". We try to maintain perspective.

Sometimes you just can't seem to avoid the drama no matter what you do. Case in point: We have a young married couple who joined soon after we formed the guild. They are both very out-going and were very chatty… basically telling us everything about themselves, how they met (on the i-net), their family (4 boys under the age of 4), and even went so far as to post pictures of the whole family on our guild website. At various times they've popped in with news of a new job… then another new job… then, oh, wait… her hubby got a new job now so she's staying home with the kids. All in the space of a month? That's a lot of job-hopping. They both seemed very open about themselves… volunteering way more info than was necessary much of the time.

A couple of days ago she was online and was talking all about wanting to be pregnant again. She wanted a girl and wouldn't mind trying a few times to get one. A few times? She's already got four boys, under four, and two of them have some medical issues. I am pretty sure they aren't rich as according to her the husband is a disabled vet and the jobs she keeps getting that she thinks are soooo great are at a 1.) truck stop 2.) convenience store and 3.) serving at Cracker Barrell (where they went for their wedding reception dinner – hoo boy). Don't get me wrong. I admire people who do those jobs because someone has to do it and it is a good, honest job. I'm just saying, they are not the types of jobs that will support  how many children? Which brings me to the big question of the day. My daughter asked her how many children she and her husband wanted to have. The answer?


You heard me.

After we finished picking our jaws up off the floor, we listened to her talk about them both wanting to have a big family, all the love, yadda yadda yadda. Keep in mind, this conversation just took place about three days ago.

The kicker?

Yesterday she told me they were getting a divorce.


She "just can't handle it any longer". She's "lonely". (Is because her husband has finally gone out and gotten a job?) She thinks they've grown apart. Um… okay. I didn't ask about the 12 kids. She said her husband thinks the kids should stay with her (of course he does…) and he's going to move out. Her sister is moving in to help her until she gets (another) job and gets on her feet. Oh. My.

Later I was talking to some of the other guild members and it came out that she has been secretly talking to several of the men from the beginning! She's been saying she's lonely and don't they think she's pretty and why don't they come see her in her hometown. YIKES. The ones I've spoken with so far are married and made no secret of that and she still went after them! I'm really stunned. First her and her hubs come on all mushy and stuff… and now I find out she's been doing all this shit on the down low? I mean, good grief.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next…

Tipped Over

Hey, look, Ma! I learned a new phrase this weekend! "Tipped over"… as in you've had a bit too much to drink. One of my daughter-in-laws (the racer's wife) and her friends were using this over the past week and, on Saturday night, it described me. Why? Because my son (the racer) did awesome in the Supernationals!

I've spoken before about this race, and he's not raced in it for a few years. This year he and his dad (Hubs) decided to go for it and it was a week to remember.

First, some background. The Supernationals are a huge deal. It truly is national. Cars come from all over – including some international ones, Australia usually has a car or two there. I don't know how many cars were there, but over 400 in my sons' class alone (modified stock car). The way it works, is, everyone is trying to get in the big race on Saturday night. All the races leading up to it are to qualify for that race. You start every night being in a heat race (of which there were 40-some). You must win your heat race to qualify for that nights' A-main, which, if you get in the top two of that will be qualified for the Big Race. If you are second place in your heat race, then you qualify to run in that nights' B-main. The way you do in the B-main figures into a points system that determines how you will finally place in what they call the "Last Chance" race on Saturday night – a last chance to get into the Big Race.

Last Sunday Hubs and son took the RV and the car trailer over to the track and got a good spot. Son and dil were staying there through the week. Monday and Tuesday nights were qualifying for the stock car class, so just watching – no racing. Wednesday night was the first qualifying night. I didn't go, but luckily my son drew a pretty early heat race so Hubs was home before midnight. Son won the heat race that night and went into the A-main, where he got spun out so didn't qualify. Son was fine, car was fine. All was good.

Thursday night I went. Son got second in the heat race, so went into that nights' B-main where he also got second place. Again, we lucked out and he had a fairly early heat race so again home fairly early.

Friday I didn't go and it was late. Son drew the 39th heat so didn't even race until about 1 o'clock a.m. It didn't help that we'd had some showers in the evening and the races got pushed back about four hours…  Son won his heat race again and qualified for that nights A-main. He got 10th place that night after starting 17th. Arrggghhh. Hubs got home about 4 a.m.

Saturday night. The Big Race night. I went. By now, things have been weeded down quite a bit and not so many cars are left. He ran in the third heat race and won. Then he ran in the "last chance" race where he got to start on the pole and also won! Now I was stressing… out came the beer. By the time he ran in the Big Race I'd had a few but I wasn't "tipped over" yet. He started 27th and after 40 laps ended up 10th. Not too bad a finish out of 400-some cars that started the week!

I'm so proud of him. We all had fun, he had fun, he was safe, the car ran good, and we came home with a car, a motor, and a driver. (The first four cars that win get their motors auctioned off, and lots of people sell their cars at the Supernationals). Normally, by this time of year we've sold the car so this is a different year. There are some more races that have some good payoffs yet to come this fall, and with harvest being about a month behind there are still some good racing days ahead.

Tipped over? Hell yes, I got tipped over. It was called for!

And Yet Another Surprise

If you've been a long-time reader (at least since March) you may have remembered this dilemma. Well, when I came to work yesterday I was greeted by a dark office. This in itself is not unusual, as people are taking vacations this time of year. However, when I walked in and flipped on the light it seemed a bit… empty. My "roommate" had quit.

In discussing it with one of the other guys I work with, he informed me that the quitting had officially taken place on Friday, but that he'd shown up early in the morning to clean out his desk. The music that he'd constantly play and leave on when he left for hours? Gone. Yay! I can go back to listening to my own music tastes, thank-you-very-much.

Also, it was well known in the office that he had been job hunting. I hadn't needed to say a word. I found out that one day when I was gone he'd been looking at some well-known job-hunting site on my computer and left the screen up for the plant manager to see. Tell me he didn't want to be caught! I guess the manager played dumb, just looked at it and said, "Now what dumbass would go and leave a job-hunting screen open on the computer like that?"  After turning whiter than his normal scandanavian complextion had him, I guess he was pretty quiet, but as far as they knew didn't do that one again.

He also applied for a job with the company that my former "roommate" had gone to. He had moved out of state when his brother was killed in an accident to be closer to his family and young nephew. He is still a friend and keeps in touch… so when the "big dummy" (as he is referred to and trust me, it fits) applied for a job with them, former roomate had called to talk to the manager about him. The manager had to be honest and just say he was pretty lazy and it probably wouldn't be a good fit. This was a couple of months ago, so they knew he was continuing to look.

I wish him well, I do. I honestly don't look forward to having someone new to have to "break in". Guess when you've been at a job for nine years there will be some of that, though. It is just part of the whole process. With the fall crunch right around the corner I hope they can find someone good that can step right in and so the job. It is badly needed.

Who said all surprises are bad ones?

I Think I Still Have All My Fingers

Sunday evening was the first monthly family game night. Picture me, my 10-yr-old grandson, and five 20-to-30-something people (one DIL couldn't make it) around the table playing "spoons". If you have never played this fast-paced card game, whatever you do I don't advise doing it with MY family! I could've lost a limb! Who knew all these people would be so competitive?!?! Trust me, there was no giving the 10-yr-old a break of any kind, either… he had to scrap it out with the rest of us.

Hubs is not a game person. He had a race to watch and even after we chased him from the livingroom downstairs to the family room, he still said we were terribly loud. *shrug* Oh, well…  That's why I like living in the country. No neighbors upstairs, downstairs, or next door to offend with the loudness. If for some reason the neighbor who shoots all the time could hear us, then sobeit.

I now know what to watch out for come next month! Yikes!

Two Steps Forward, One Back

Hubs got back to planting yesterday afternoon. YAY! The forecast is for a week of dry, sunny weather. YAY! If it really stays true, he may actually get done planting. YAY!

Eldest daughter finished her treatments yesterday. YAY! She's started back on a medication regime and will gradually build up to the dosages she will continue taking. Her final dosages should end up being about half what she was on before treatment. YAY! Her memory should start filling in and coming back now that treatments have stopped. YAY!

I got out in the yard yesterday afternoon and started doing some long-needed work. I weeded the back garden border, that consists mainly of hostas and shade plants, and cleared the vegetable garden. I was going to rototill the veggie garden, but couldn't get the tiller started and although Hubs offered to help me I hated to drag him from his work to help me with mine. (Yes, dear, Only Child Syndrome strikes again! Must.Do.Myself.) So, I ended up digging it up by hand (with tools, of course) and getting the tomatoes,  green peppers and flowering kale in place. I also went to the old house and robbed some Lambs Ears to plant at the new house before son killed off the patch. They've done a bunch of re-doing of the old flower beds, reducing them to a more managable size for him and his wife. That works for me, as they aren't my gardens anymore. However, the Lambs Ears that were there were transplanted from my mother's garden long ago, so wanted to have a few to save. Also grabbed a couple of ferns that were my Hubs' grandmothers'… again, something passed down. Seems there have been gardeners in our families for a long time and it is fun to see my newest daughter-in-law getting the gardening bug! The bad news (as you knew there had to be) was that by evening I could barely move. I rarely use the whirlpool tub, but I certainly got in it last night and had a good soak, then headed right to bed. Hubs was sweet enough to fix me supper and served it to me in bed, without even a slight "I told you so!"

I have three flats of flowers left to plant. *sigh*

A Little Info, Please

As you can see – over there – I have quite a few sites I like to keep up on. For the past few months, however, I've been pretty lax in my blog reading. It has gotten into the same compartment in my brain as the Christmas decorations. The one that says "maybe tomorrow". Yea Gods! That reminds me of the woman who wouldn't come out of the bathroom. I'm not quite to that point yet!

At any rate, I hear people talking about "feed readers". I'm thinking that is some kind of a thing that tells you when someone posts something new, as opposed to my method which is to just go down the list, open each blog, and search to see what I've missed or if anything has been posted lately. This as most of you know is pretty time consuming, especially when there may be several who don't update daily or weekly… or who have fallen off the planet entirely without letting anyone know. (I hate when that happens!)

So… my question is this. Do you use a feed reader, and if so, which one? How simple is it to use? Is it pretty reliable? (Okay, that's several questions… bite me.) Oh, yeah, and where can I find it? Does it link to my blog in anyway – I mean, is it a plug-in or something stand-alone?

There. I think that's the gist of it all. I thank you in advance. My time management coach thanks you in advance. (If you believe I actually have a time management coach, raise your hand… I'm going to have to slap you now.)