Yes, my posting as of late has been terribly boring. Ho-hum. This post isn't gonna be much better.

  • Dad. No news yet. He's still depressed as well and he and mom refuse to come for thanksgiving, even if my son brings them. Now I hear they don't even want me to send food down for them. Argh.
  • Me. Shoulders. Doc was entirely too impressed with my progress. Tells me no more physical therapy, just continue exercises at home. For the rest of my life. Yup. I'm not kidding. That's exactly what he said. I've got three strikes against me – I'm female, I'm diabetic, and I've had back surgery. That, in his words, is the trifecta of reasons why I will have to continue to fight this forever. Yay me. Supposedly the pain will go away. Some day. I'm not holding my breath.
  • Work. Well, because of all the rain we got I actually managed a weekend off. I barely knew how to contain myself. I did do a few things I should do… and I did do a few things I shouldn't. A nice balance.
  • Harvest. Is getting there. Should get done with all our grain today, then have some harvesting left to do for landlords. Hopefully will finish before Thanksgiving. Probably won't finish field work by then, but one thing at a time.
  • Turkeys. It's turkey time at work. Time to deliver to the customers who've spent the most money. It is a customer appreciation thing, but it is a pain to have to do this time of year. Oh, well…at least *I* don't have all that many to take.
  • Internet. My youngest son found out we could use wireless broadband service. Anywhere. Even at our house in the country. This has turned out to be miraculous. We have broadband speed and it is HALF the price! I'm so tickled pink I can barely stand it. I can finally play WoW without lag! Whoo hoo! I mean… I can get my work done in half the time…. um…. yeah….   The neat thing is, hubs can use it at the shop or on the road (he got a laptop finally) where he only used to have dial up! He's almost as excited as I am! Kudos to the son!
  • FNG. The new guy at work has about 27 strikes against him so far. There is an office pool going as to how long he's here. More on that later.
  • It's cold. My car said it was 17 degrees today on the way to work. Seventeen. Brrr. Thank goodness for heated seats!

Have a good week!

Monday? Really?

The days are blurring together and another week has passed. Hard to believe I've not posted. Wait. This is me. This is fall. Nope. Not hard to believe at all. Sorry. Thought about making it an official "hiatus", but just can't bring myself to do that either. I never know when the need will arise to vent or whine or snivel, so guess I'll just stagger along posting sporadically.

I've been working 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week and they're running together in a big ball of goo. Progress? Um… doesn't seem like it.

Yesterday I took some time off in the afternoon to spend with the family. Another daughter-in-law is having a birthday next weekend but had previous plans, so we decided to celebrate this weekend. Hubs and youngest son are still harvesting, so they had to come to dinner late but it worked out okay. The eldest daughter and her husband made yummy chicken wild rice soup and rolls and I baked a cake before I went to work in the morning. Youngest daughter has been my right arm lately, being "suzy homemaker" for me and keeping the house from falling in a heap of dirt. She came early and spruced up and frosted the cake for me. All I had to do was show up. This is getting to be a bad habit. Wonder if I could get away with that for Thanksgiving dinner? ….   Probably not.

We've had some pretty weird weather lately. Record highs, then record lows, then rain and a bit of snow. Tonight they're talking ice storms coming then possible heavy rain. Not good. Harvest is still not done and there is a lot of crop work to be done as well. It really needs to hold off a bit longer, but Ma Nature doesn't always do things the way we want her to, so we just brace for the worst and hope for the best.

Physical Therapy is about to end. Tomorrow, as a matter of fact. My therapist and his wife are moving away. That's not why it is ending, but it sure doesn't make me happy. Next week I get to go back to the orthopedic doc and see what phase 2 is, if I continue PT with another person or we go for the big move. I'm not even going to try and guess what he's going to say.

Last, my father is going in for an MRI tomorrow to see if they can tell if he's got Parkinsons'. It would explain a lot. Guess we'll have to wait and see what they find. I'll let you know.

All for now. I'll try and get back before next Monday, but no promises!

Still Here

Yeah. Still here. Busier than… well, you've heard all the jokes. Worked all weekend. Exhaustion hasn't quite kicked in yet, but it is close. Kids all came over Saturday night to carve pumpkins. They brought pumpkins, pizza, and wassail fixin's. Good times. I mainly sat and watched and took a few pictures. When I get them downloaded I'll see if any are postable.

It is fall, for sure.

So, What’s Up?

Quick update.

  • Drama Queen? The last time I spoke with her, a couple of days ago… her husband had moved back home and was taking her to dinner to "talk". She was planning a big birthday party for him in November. She didn't say whether or not they were going to stay together, was going to see what he had to say. In a bizarre twist, she put a new picture of herself up on our WoW website. A picture in which she appeared to be looking 'sexy'. Not quite sure how to take that.
  • Physical Therapy is on-going and damn… it hurts. I'm trying to be a "big girl" and not whine, snivel or cry when he's torqueing on me, but I'm also letting him work me over harder than I did the last time. Sure wish that stupid cortizone would have worked.
  • Harvest is… limping along. We got an inch of rain night before last and that brought the bean harvest to a screeching halt. The corn STILL isn't dry enough to harvest. Seems to be more work in the northern part of the state so my workload is increasing by leaps and bounds. Don't be surprised if I'm more scarce than usual… this is the busy season for me.
  • In other work-related news. We still are short-handed three people. We interviewed one guy, but he was too much of a clone of the one that was my previous roomie, so we didn't bite. We've had some…uh…real "dandies" applying, let me tell you. On top of the hiring process, which is stressful, we may be hiring someone to help with my particular job. All I need is to be trying to train someone while I'm in the midst of my busy season. Not good. The other way to go that is being discussed is to hire a secretary at our facility. That would be interesting in oh-so-many ways. I'll discuss that later if it comes to be.
  • On top of my "home" jobs, my "farm" job, and my "town" job… I now have something new to complicate my fall. Jury duty! I have been notified I'm on call for the month of November. I remember a few years ago I managed to post-pone it until spring since I'm the only one who does my particular job at my "town" job … and being as it is the busiest time of the year. They did it then, I'm crossing my fingers they do it again. Otherwise? Well, I'd rather not think about it.
  • The weekend birthday party went well. Home made chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and chili… that was the menu. It was cool enough it really hit the spot. Fall has officially begun when I make chicken and noodles.

As always, I haven't forgotten you all. Just busy. Will try and catch up soon…


Pretty blah around here at the moment. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Work should be in full swing by now,but because of the late harvest and an inch of rain we got on Sunday night, there is nothing going on. We're all sitting around twiddling our thumbs looking at each other and mocking the people who are coming in to fill out applications.

Everyone is a bit in shock at the stock market plunge yesterday. Most don't know what it is going to mean, but don't like what it looks like. Me? Call me Pollyanna, but I think it's all going to be okay.

Physical therapy went okay. My PT was a bit surprised to see me back, but when he heard the diagnoses he just nodded and said we had some work ahead of us. He was pleased at the improvement I had made on my own since I'd seen him last (even tho' the doctor thought I wasn't doing very well, the PT had actual measurements to go on). Sadly, the cortizone shots have done nothing. This bums me out more than you know. I was so hoping that it would relieve the pain and figured it would help me push myself harder through the PT. I'm a strange duck. A friend was commenting that he could tolerate a lot of pain, but that he was very sensitive to the medications and they could make him quite loopy. Me? I'm the opposite. I can't tolerate much pain and I appear to be immune to all pain meds. Grrrr. Not fair! You hear me? NOT FAIR. I worked hard yesterday and someone had suggested massage therapy? Well, my PT used some of that as well – really digging into the muscles and trying to loosen them up. He said they actually had been trained by a massage therapist to use the techniques in cases like mine. So much for having to pay someone else! I'm not looking forward to this again, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.


Strange Fall

First, an update on the shoulders. Oh, wait. There is no update. It is now Friday and not a darn thing has changed. I still haven't given up hope that the shots will eventually "kick in"… but with my record of medication resistance, I'm not going to hold my breath. Physical therapy starts again next week and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it kicks in before the PT starts workin' on me. A girl can hope, right?

This has been the strangest fall. Because of the late planting season and the cooler and wetter than normal spring and summer, the crops are just now barely beginning to be ready to harvest. That's just a very few of the early soybeans. The corn is still a couple of weeks away! Many years we are half-way done harvesting by now! Even the trees are confused. Most haven't started turning at all, then you'll see one that is brilliant red or yellow – turned totally into the clothes of fall.

It has seemed odd because my son is still racing, as well. Normally he has sold his car off by now and doesn't have any more races this time of year. There are always these late fall "special" races, though… he just never goes. It has been one about every weekend since the regular season finished and there are still a couple more to go.

To top things off, this time of year we are generally gearing up at work for the big push. I've mentioned before that I work for a farm chemical and fertilizer company. Our busiest time of year is the fall – usually as soon as the combines roll in the fields we start hopping. Instead, we've been caught in limbo, waiting for the big push. While we wait, three people have quit. Three. First my "roomate"… then I came to work yesterday and found out another guy, who just got married on Saturday, is quitting to move out of town to live with his new in-laws. His last day is today. Finally, today, when our boss went out to ask for his keys another guy turned his in as well. They knew he'd been looking around – I guess he's notorious for only being at one place about two years and his two were up, but they didn't know he'd found one. Well, the boss teasingly asked him for his keys because we were all pretty sure he'd taken the job and just hadn't gotten up the balls to say anything yet. Sure enough, he acted all dumb at first… "Uh, I didn't know when my last day would be"… and the boss just said, "Why don't we make it the end of the month to make it easy". They agreed and the keys were turned in. So, just when we are gearing up to need the most people, and people who are already trained, they're disappearing. This could be a wilder than normal season when it finally gets going.

At home, Hubs and son shuffle around and work on equipment – which is already in pretty good ready-to-go shape. They ride the bikes. (Glad they got them to keep distracted or Hubs would be going stir-crazy!) I mean, remember… it was my husband who suggested we go see my folks. That, my friends, is a bored man. They visit with their other farm friends who are doing the same things. They may help out one who is just starting to combine his beans… but that's not set in stone yet.

I know one of these days all hell is going to break loose. For now? I'm just waiting for the next surprise.

Ma Nature Can Be a Real Bitch

Looks like Ike got on a roll and didn't let up. I've been offline a few days and hadn't watched the news so didn't realize the destruction until I got a text message last night from a fellow blogger who had his town ravaged by the remnants. As far away as Kentucky and they'd gotten 70 mph winds! Hubs had already told me of reports in central Illinois of 8-12" of rain – both of us being grateful that our crops didn't have to withstand either of those.

I saw some of the pictures this morning of the destruction. Once more a part of our country has been beaten and battered by Ma Nature. I love her, but she's a hard taskmaster.

In updated news, there was no camping trip. I figured you didn't see the cloud go up over Iowa, so you might have known. Again, Ma Nature was to blame. The races got cancelled… and although we did discuss going anyway and just camping to get away, it became not just rain warnings, but flood warnings and I really didn't want to risk floating away in our RV. I'm pretty sure I've had a similar experience while in Girl Scouts that I will recount one day.

So, next weekend there is another race in another place in the state. Once again we're talking about going camping. There is a chance of rain, but not until Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Take care of yourself, all you who have been battered by Ma Nature this weekend. I'm thinking of you.

Watermelon Days Coming to an End

I realize the leaves haven't started turning yet, but around here it is starting to feel like fall. Hubs refuses to let me turn off the a.c. claiming when it is this cold out it isn't running anyway, but in my mind I know it is on and that makes it even chillier in the house. I sat outside on the deck after I got home from work yesterday afternoon and it was actually cool in the shade. I think the high today was to be maybe 80. That's just so strange. We didn't even have any really blistering hot days during the State Fair! That's very bizarre.

I keep hoping it will warm up a bit to help dry off the crops. They were late getting in, late getting going – what with all the rain and cool, cloudy weather we had at the beginning of the season. Now it is time for them to be drying out and getting ready to harvest and they are still looking mighty green to me. I've heard that frost and winter will be late this year… I hope so, as we'll need the extra time.

Still? I feel like I've missed so much of the summer this year being cooped up in the house – or rather, cooped up in the bathroom.

Finally heard back from the doc. We're going to be Ms. Experimental again. This time it is another oral medicine. Januvia. Not supposed to have the side effects. We'll see. I started it this morning. Everyone hold your breath and cross your fingers…

School is back in swing for the old and young kids. Grandson has started middle school – can he really be that old?? Younger daughter is back at college. The streets in town are packed with new college kids wandering around checking out the town and returning students getting settled.

On top of everything else that tells me summer is ending is the official race season where my son races on Saturday nights only has one more regular night race, next weekend. Then the Supernationals start for a week and maybe a special race here or there. Hard to believe the race season has gone so quickly as well.

One of these days my days and nights will be filled with combines and trucks and corn dust and dirty, hungry, tired guys. My workplace will turn into a race against time and my home will make my head spin with activity – making lunches, suppers, and zooming back and forth to the field – somehow mixing that in with my 60 or 70 hour weeks at my "town" job. I'm trying to figure out how to stay sane this year, but I'm probably fighting a losing battle. Once I get behind on my sleep it takes me until Christmas to catch up again. Oh, who am I kidding, more like February.

I'm treasuring every spare minute of quiet I get right now and yeah, I'm going to have a little piece of watermelon.


I have the coolest kids.

Yesterday morning I get a text from youngest daughter: "What are you having for dinner"

I replied: "I have a couple of steaks out to cook"

She says: "Expect company"

Me: "Let me know how many so I can get them out of the freezer"

I thought a minute and sent another text: "You know, your older sis has to go pick up her son at his other grandma's, your older bro has a cold, and your younger bro isn't a big steak eater, will probably want a burger"

A minute later the reply: "Lol. You're behind. They're all coming, even the grandson….and little bro will eat steak."

So about five o'clock youngest daughter showed up with groceries and started hustling in the kitchen and about an hour later the rest of the troups tromped in for supper. It was terrific. Thanks Em for all your hard work… and thanks to all you other kids for making your dad have a great Father's Day. He was thrilled. You like him! You really like him!

In other news: We're going on our third dry day. (Crossing fingers and knocking on wood.) There is a slight chance of rain on Thursday, otherwise it is looking like a dry week. The farmers are all getting ancy to get going… including Hubs. Here's hoping they get all the work done and the crops pull out of this flooding with some semblence of a good yield come fall!

Eldest daughter is improving every day. Yesterday at dinner she was back in fine form. She made a comment (that I can't repeat) and the whole family burst out laughing… Hubs just looked at her and said, "She's baaack!"  It feels that way more each day. What a blessing. Thank you every one who kept us in your prayers.

The family reunion? 700 miles of driving. My mother never stopped talking once. More on that later.

Happy Monday!