I’m so happy that spring is here! As much as I love curling up with a book in front of the fire and cooking something warm and hearty, I do really enjoy the newness of spring. I love walking around the yard and seeing what perennials are coming back and if my trees have lived through another winter. I enjoy seeing the chipmunks back on the deck, stuffing their cheeks with seed and corn as if there were no tomorrow. I get a thrill out of the spring birds singing and chattering – especially the goldfinches – the males decked out again in their bright yellow summer plumage. Wherever do they go during the times when they change color? It is so strange…

I love planning the additions to the gardens and the new vegetable garden I’m going to put in this year. Last year, because we moved mid-summer, I only tucked a couple of tomato plants in with my flowers, but this year I expect to have a full-fledged veg garden again. I missed it last year. I usually make homemade spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes and green peppers and stock it in the freezer to have all winter. This winter we ran out. Will hopefully have a good crop and stock up again.

Some people look at garden catalogs all winter long. I get too impatient. I see something and want it NOW, so I tend to wait until it actually is closer to the time I can plant. I’m rather a splurge-type shopper and even if I do order some plants online or by catalog, I find I see a plant in the greenhouse that I must have and end up taking more home. This year has been especially fun because of all the perennials I have at the old house that I can transplant. This makes it doubly fun – I’m getting to enjoy the flowers and they’re free!

Unfortunately, I’ve not won the lottery yet, so the big greenhouse I would like to have is not a reality. This means I haven’t started any plants indoors to transplant and will have to go purchase the annuals I want as well as my veggie plants. I suppose I could start them in the basement under my one little gro-light, but prefer to keep that space for the houseplants that need a little extra TLC. I’ve been trying to get some new cuttings of houseplants going to give my mother, since she lost all hers in the fire, and for my newly married daughter who misses having the greenery around that I have here at home. Hopefully I’ll have some for each of them soon.

Why does it always get busy at work when I’m wanting to be home? The weekends just don’t seem long enough. At least the newlyweds are coming again this weekend, so that will be something to look forward to – and I think they’re predicting rain, so may not be working in the yard all weekend… Will probably be too busy to blog this weekend, so have a good one, people! Get out and enjoy it all!

Busy Bee

Things are picking up at work. I’m starting to get busy. I’m not wanting to be busy, tho’… what’s wrong with me? Busy is good. Busy makes time fly. Busy means money in the paycheck because I work more hours. So… why don’t I want to be here? I want to be lazy. I want to be independently wealthy. I should have been born into a family where there was money to burn. I have tons of interests and can entertain myself for hours – but nothing that makes me money! Grrrr… I suppose we all feel this way from time to time, huh?


I’m a grub. I spent hours doing yard work. First I went to the old house where my son lives and proceeded to clean brush off the biggest two of my five perennial flower beds. I also graded off a burm I’d made a couple of years ago that the kids teasingly called “the body”… as in, “Mom, aren’t you supposed to bury your enemies in the BACK yard?”. My son never liked it, and the flowers hadn’t really gotten established on it yet, so I graded it off and now he’s happy. Keeps threatening to mow off the flower beds as he and his girlfriend aren’t garden people, but I keep telling him to leave them alone so I can move flowers to the new house and gradually they’ll go away…

At any rate, after working at his place for hours, I dug up some hostas and lilies and took them to the new house and got them all planted before the rain comes tomorrow night. I really need more, but right now I can’t see straight and I’m feeling pretty creaky. Hubby says, “I’ve seen this a million times – you won’t be able to MOVE tomorrow!” He could be right.

Tonight while he and son are at the car races I think I’ll just veg…

So Appropriate

So, the new bride calls me last night and tells me she got a job. Guess where? A nationally known pet supply store! This is soooo appropriate if you knew my daughter. This is the lovely little redhead that at 4 years old walked up to the front door and said, “See what I found, Mommy?” with a dead bull snake wrapped around her sweet little neck. This is the one who had every animal known to man that her father would allow (no horse, thank goodness!). We had a lovely parakeet that she tried cleaning the cage outdoors – you can imagine. That was a short-lived project. We had fish, gerbils, mice, birds, dogs, cats, bunnies, a pig we found (yes, a plain old farm-grown pig). You name it, we probably had it. We figured she of all the kids would end up the veterinarian.

Well, we were wrong. Turns out she got a degree in Anthropology. Hmmm… And now she’s working in a pet store. I’m really tickled for her. She’ll probably love it. I told hubby. His exact words were… “Oh. My. God.” Ironically, those were her new husband’s exact words, too! Great minds think alike.

It will be interesting to see how long she can hold out without adopting one of the animal rescue league animals they have there. 🙂 I’m really happy for her. Way to go, Em!

Head Holding

I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. I’ve had a migraine. These, for those of you who have never had the pleasure, are extremely painful and do nothing for your activity levels. If you have a migraine, you wish you could cut off your head just to have relief. You want complete darkness, complete silence, and woe to the spouse who jiggles the bed in any way, shape or form.

I’ve found the only cure is to take a medication that basically knocks me out. After a day or so I eventually wake up without the headache and I proceed on with my life. Fun, huh?

Puppy Love

I’m sickening, I know, but I just love my critters. I have four house cats, a beagle that lives in a kennel in the garage – where he can get out and run in the yard – and two 6-month-old shih tzu puppies. They are brother and sister. Frank was only supposed to be about 10-12 lbs. He weighed in this morning at 19.6! We decided someone forgot to tell Frank he was supposed to be a shih tzu, not a St. Bernard. Frieda is supposed to be my tiny pup and she is only supposed to be about 6 lbs. She weighed in at 9.5. So much for what they were supposed to be!

Hubby askes if I want to take them back. Hell, no!!! I’ve fallen in love. They are the sweetest pups you could ever wish for. This morning they had to go in for surgeries (you know, the kind so that boy dog + girl dog does not = many dogs). I felt bad for them. I’ve been there, done that.

Frank even had to have some baby teeth pulled that hadn’t come out on their own and would be causing trouble if they didn’t come out. Poor guy – he got it at both ends!

They were so sweet when I brought them home. They just want to cuddle and they are being very quiet and good. Didn’t know what to expect, but at least figured if they went in at the same time they’d both be hurting and one wouldn’t be wanting to play while the other one hurt.

I’m a sucker for animals. All animals. Am looking forward to them feeling back to their old selves and running silly.