That’s how I was awakened this morning by the neighborhood gun nut. I can’t believe this guy… even he’s reached a new low (pun intended). The temperature is -5 (without counting the windchill). He’s out there, shooting away … at … who knows? I knew he was an Asshat, I just didn’t know how big of an asshat he was!

Tic Toc

That’s about all that’s going on around here. Clock-watching. Waiting. I hate waiting. How about you? I used to be more patient. I don’t think it was in my youth… oh, maybe it was. I didn’t mind so much waiting in lines or waiting for things to happen. Do you suppose that it all ties in with the older we get the less time we feel we have and the less we want to waste it on a line somewhere?

*Gasp* … does that mean I’m getting old?

You’ve GOT to be Kidding Me

You know how I just got a new computer at home? Well, ignore that for a minute. It’s fine and I love it. Remember how I just got a new computer at work? Yeah. Let’s talk about it. When the Company I Work For got me the new ‘puter, they didn’t get me a new monitor. Why? Because I’m half blind and they’d already put out the bucks for a nice, flat panel, 20″ monitor and they didn’t feel the need to do it again. Not a problem. I thought. Until yesterday.

Go ahead, ask. “What happened yesterday?”. Yeah, innocent questioner you. HA. I repeat. HA.

Yesterday morning as I was minding my own business and working away like the busy worker clone that I am, I hear a slight “pop” and then… wait for it… my monitor screen goes blue. Blue? Yes. Not the BLUE SCREEN of DEATH. Nope. This was more like the orange tint your old Polaroid pictures get after 20 years in a cardboard box in the depths of hell known as the attic. Except, instead of having a lovely orange cast, everything was blue. Blue was the new white.

Remembering when I got this monitor new, I realized what must have happened. I remember playing with the settings. (Don’t give me that look… you all do it too.) I remember it having a particular feature that you could set the ‘lighting’ for daytime or night – and then for text, movies or pictures. I distinctly remember the night-time settings as being… blue tinted. Uh-huh. My monitor has gone to the darkside. I tried playing with settings, but to no avail. Nothing would give me back my white whites.

I hooked up a co-worker’s monitor, just to be sure it wasn’t some setting I’d accidently changed. Nope. With his screen attached I once more had white whites, red reds and green greens. It was all the way it was supposed to be.

I’m home for a day or two. I have a new monitor on it’s way. Another 20″ flat panel.

Now, if I could just get the damn external hard drive they got me for backups to be recognized by the computer, I’d be set. Technology. I love it. When I don’t hate it.

If I’m Awake It Must be Monday

Did everyone survive the Superbowl? Did you all get your wish? Me? I am so not a sports fan…

Daughter had some co-workers over to watch on the big screen. Hubs watched awhile with them, then decided young women yelling loudly was too much for him and came back upstairs. I played some WoW, read a book, watched some re-runs of “The Closer” that TNT was running all day. I bounced back and forth a bit to check the score and occasionally caught an over-priced commercial. All in all, it was a pretty laid back Sunday.

Now it’s Monday and I can’t figure out why I’m having such a terrible time waking up. It wasn’t like I over-did it yesterday. Could it be the -4 degree temperature outside this morning? (I don’t even WANT to know what the windchill is. Let’s just say, the dogs were outside about 15 seconds this morning. It must be cold.) Amazing as it sounds, and as illogical, it is supposed to snow later today and tomorrow. Only a couple of inches. Normally, this is too cold to snow. I know, it sounds weird, but trust me… that’s how it works. Hubs tells me the weather predictors are saying when it warms up a bit in the next week or so, we’re supposed to really get dumped on. You just know I’m smilin’ inside, right?

In other news, I expect a pat on the back. Okay, I’ll do it myself. The office is CLEAN. It is ORGANIZED. It is a miracle. The bookwork? Well, I have a day or so to finish, but I see the end in sight. Also, I cleaned out my pantry cupboards. You may not think this is a big deal, but trust me. I moved cake mixes and jello (to name just a bit) from the old house two years ago, probably never looking at the expiration dates THEN… and, yes, if it expired in 2002 I’m probably not going to be wanting to make it. Shaddup. Soooo… Hubs comes home and immediately states “you’ve been cleaning”. Does he have ESP? No. He knows because we have a little arrangement where as I put garbage sacked up in the garage, then he loads it into his pickup and hauls it down the drive to the dumpster. (We live in the country, remember?) It doesn’t take a genius to realize when he gets out of his truck and the whole wall is lined with garbage sacks two deep that there has been some serious cleaning going on in the house. What can I say? I’m a packrat. I admit it. However, once in a blue moon I get a wild hair and start pitching things. I have to be in just the right mood, or I look at something and think “I could do…(fill in the blank) with this.” When I’m like that, there is no sense even thinking about cleaning. At least, not the pitching out part. (I would like to take a moment in advance to apologize to my children for whatever they are going to have to sort through and get rid of after their mother leaves this earth. I hope that sometime between now and then I have the energy and the will power to get rid of most ofthis shit.)

Enough rambling. Happy Monday everyone!

You Never Stop Being a Parent

This isn’t going to be a newsflash to anyone who has older children, but to those of you who have babies or toddlers or god-forbid-teenagers or who maybe haven’t taken the plunge into parenthood quite yet but are thinking about it – it never ever ends. Not when they become 18, not when they graduate from college, not when they get married, not even when they have children of their own. They are always your babies, in your heart.

A bit of poor communication this week resulted in this being brought home once again in the most gut-wrenching way. A night was spent in worry and frustration as temperatures outside plunged below zero and people weren’t where they were thought to be and gravel roads were driven with one eye to the road and the other to the snow-filled ditches. All was well and communication was re-established by ten o’clock the next morning, but this mom didn’t get any sleep Thursday night. At all. Those are the times when an over-active imagination and love of all mystery-murder-CSI-type shows came back to bite me in the ass.

It’s a fine line to let your children live their lives and yet keep an eye out for their safety and happiness. It’s hard to know that they are self-sufficient and yet feel if I were the one in the snow-filled ditch with a dead cell phone and sub-zero temps and only ice covered cornfields between me and civilation, I would hope someone would miss me and come looking.

I’ve been accused of being over-protective at times. As I’ve told my children many, many times… “If we didn’t love you, we wouldn’t care”. I know this was just a case of mis-communication. I know it’s not going to happen again. Still… it’s a sleepless night that will take awhile to get over. You just don’t spend sleepless nights with a baby’s ear infection or a toddler’s bad dreams. You don’t only sit up worrying that your teenager is hanging with a bad crowd or that the last time you had a fight there were hidden messages between the lines.

It really never ends. I wouldn’t want it to. It’s called love.


  • For those of you who have been trying to e-mail me and can’t get me, I’m not sure what’s going on unless you have my old e-mail address (it got changed awhile back, not by anything I did but the company changed hands). Also, I noticed it wasn’t in my profile anymore. Don’t know when it went away – maybe when I updated Blogger? At any rate, I’m all back and operational again. To save you looking it up, it’s sesnyde at hughes dot net. You are smart enough to put it in the right way. (If you aren’t I don’t want to hear from you anyway!)
  • About the time I bitch about it being cold, it gets colder. Yeah. This weekend there are days we are supposed to have windchills of -30 something. Needless to say, you won’t see me far from the fireplace! It has to warm up a bit to snow…
  • I’m still working on getting everything loaded into the new ‘puter. Does this mean I have too much stuff? Possibly. We won’t discuss that. Haven’t even tried WoW yet. Afraid it will be too wonderful and I won’t get anything else done, and I have a few things I absolutely have to get done first. At least, that’s what my tax man says.
  • The office is almost done getting cleaned and organized. I may even post a picture when I’m done. I ran out of hanging file folders last night, so not quite there. Have to make an office supply run today. I love me some office supplies. The only reason I can figure is when I was little and my parents would go bowling every friday night, I was sent next door to my grandmothers’ house. She was a widow and worked in the state auditors’ office – as an auditor. Rather ahead of her time for that day and age. At any rate, when she would babysit me, one of the favorite games I played with my grandma was… you guessed it…. “office”. So, I figure maybe that’s where my love of all supplies office comes from. Proudly, I can say I’ve passed it down to at least one of my children.
  • Ironic that the post about the weather gets the most comments I’ve had for weeks. Hmmm… what does this say about my level of posts?