Some People Have a Death Wish

I swear there are some people in this world who must have angels sitting on their shoulders. I'd forgotten about this incident until I was talking to Hubs last night and I remembered it vividly.

Right before Christmas. I'm sitting at one of the bigger intersections in town. There are three lanes. One turning lane, two that go straight. I'm sitting, stopped behind an older van in the middle lane. The lights are red. All three of the lights are red. RED. Bright, clear, RED.

The van? The one in front of me? The one with at least four heads I can see? It was stopped. Was. That van starts driving forward. I swear it was like watching a slow-motion horror film. You can see it is happening, but you are helpless to stop it. Your jaw drops open involuntarily. Your hands go to your forehead in anticipation of the desire to cover your eyes. You find yourself repeating, "no…no…no…no…" in ever-increasing volume. Out of the corner of your eye you see a pickup truck coming through the intersection. Fast.

The van never sped up or slowed down. The brakes were never touched. The driver, in apparent oblivion, drove slowly and intentionally through the intersection and I swear never even blinked when the on-coming pickup truck slammed on his brakes, stopping within inches of the drivers' door.

As everyone around me gave a collective sigh of relief, the light turned green and we proceeded through the intersection. I quickly caught up to the van, as he wasn't going very fast. I kept back, afraid of what the next move would be. Was he drunk? Medicated? Senile? As he turned at the next corner, I decided it was c.) senile.  He appeared to be an older gentleman. I swear, he never even realized what horrible fate just about occurred to him and his passengers.

Isn't there some line about "God watching our for dogs and idiots?" Someone was sure watching out for this one… or maybe it was the guy in the pickup who was being watched over? Food for thought.

Don’t Call Me, I Won’t Call You.

Ah, yes. 2008 Has started with a fizzle. Emily came out on New Year's Eve after moving and we watched the third season of "Lost" on DVD. Well, most of it. We watched a lot of it yesterday and some last night and we've got about four more episodes left. With luck, we'll finish next weekend sometime. Hubs made it until about 11:15. I think that could be considered a new personal record for him.

Two calls came in on New Years' Day from political campaigns. No "live" people, just recordings. How irritating. Someone rang the doorbell on Sunday, too, but didn't get to the door in time and found Obama material stuck in the door, so figured it was a good thing I missed it. I heard John Edwards was going on some 32 or 36 hour campaign thing where he was going to come up with a new idea every hour as well as be making house calls and phone calls all. Night. Long. Seriously… if some candidate called me at 3 a.m. would I WANT to vote for them? Hell no.

I'm just getting really, really fed up. So… I'm going to share the irritation with you! (I can hear you cheering already in anticipation!)

With the caucus coming tomorrow, I'm conducting a poll. I will not be selling your answers to anyone, nor will I call you and try to change your mind. I really want to know. If you don't feel comfortable outing yourself in comments, send me an email  – sesnyde at gmail dot com. All questions are optional.

  1. Are you a registered voter?
  2. Do you vote strictly down the party lines you are registered for? 
  3. Will you be voting this election? 
  4. Do you know who you're voting for?
  5. Who are you voting for?
  6. Why are you voting for that person?
  7. Why should I vote for that person? (Give it your best shot)
  8. Is there any candidate that I should run like hell from? (You know, if you don't feel strongly for someone but maybe just really strongly against someone else, then here is your chance…)

Of course, those of you who live outside the U.S. are welcome to pop in and say "hi", but your vote will not be counted.