Another Encounter With the Wild


 Sooo… I'm sitting in my bedroom, reading my e-mail, mid-afternoon today when one of these went walking across the back yard. I jumped up and watched from the window, wondering how fast I could find my camera… but not fast enough. He went around the front of the house and I watched, then stepped out on the porch which, of course, spooked him and he kicked into high gear loping down the driveway.

I knew they were here. Our contractor said he'd seen one four years ago when building the house, but I'd never seen one myself. Especially that close. He looked well-fed, fluffy, and in good condition… what a magnificent animal. When he went running, that tail just was a plume flowing out behind him.

Now, I just have one more thing to worry about when I let my Shit-tzu pups outside… Owls, hawks, eagles… and coyotes. *sigh* 

What IS That Big Yellow Thing In the Sky?

I swear this has been the longest winter we've seen in eons. Even I, the lover of winter, is soooo ready for it to be over already. Sooner rather than later, if you please. I alluded to the fact a couple of days ago that it seems the blogsphere has been uncommonly quiet. I'm putting myself in that group. I hate to say I'm taking a break like Hilly. I mean, think about this. HILLY! If someone as prolific and all-things-bloggy loving is taking a break, where does that leave the 'little people' like me? Some days I have such insightful, deep and moving thoughts that I can't wait to get them down…then you have those "the dog ate my homework" moments. Lately, the dog has been well-fed and I got nothin'.

I blame the weather.

The sun is actually out today… the first day in many. We've been teased with some warm (trust me, you Floridians… 60 is really warm right now) temps, then it will turn around and snow. True, it doesn't hang around very long this time of year, but it still is sloppy and a depressing reminder that spring isn't really here yet. I hear you Mother Nature! I hear that wicked laugh…. oh, how you love to tease!

It's been so gloomy lately a smile is hard to come up with. It has been raining, sleeting, windy… all that fun stuff. Then you wake up to snowflakes, frost and mud. Ugh. I try to look on the bright side and think "At least we aren't Michigan"… heard they got 8" yesterday. I'm trying to be positive… it is just a hard thing to do when the cold wind whips around the house and everything is still brown. The tips of my bulbs that were coming up? Frozen right off. Now who knows what they'll look like if and when they come up? Some mutant thing, probably.

C'mon. Enough is enough. Bring on the sun…

(The forecast is for warmer temps…but more rain.)

No Fools Here

I remember being a kid and all the tricks that our teachers and other kids would try to pull on each other. Some people really go all out and get very elaborate in their tricks. As an adult you run into a jokesters here and there. Last year Blizzard, the parent company of World of Warcraft, ran a whole long tale of all the things that were coming in the new expansion. Chatter in the game and on the internet was fast and furious…amazing how many people just didn't catch on!

A few bloggers get into it, too… one of them gave us tales of marriage and pregnancy (getting our hopes up?). Who would that be? One of my blog-friends who actually celebrate their birthday today! That would be Becky from Seattle.

Another "fool" baby is Helen from England. No fool she, however. She's a busy mom of beautiful twins now! How a year can change a life…

Take a minute today while you're planning your pranks on your friends, family and co-workers to go over and tell these two lovely bloggers "Happy Birthday"!