Stupid weather. It's started to be warm and rainy and spring-like. The daffodils and croccus are blooming, the trees are budding, and the tulips are four inches out of the ground. Then I get up this morning to 19 degrees, 50 mph winds, and… SNOW. No, it isn't going to amount to much. Its just the principal, you know?

On another related note – why does 68 degree temperature inside the house feel perfectly fine in the wintertime and it feels chilly now?

Happy St. Pat’s Day!


I had a hard time getting this to come out big enough for you to see, but it's SNOWING. All that white stuff on the ground? Wasn't there last night. The grass was beginning to green up and tulip and crocus bulbs were starting to sprout. We even had a day or two in the seventies! I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. to take the pups out and there was a dusting of snow on the sidewalk, and the air was filled with flakes. This photo was taken a few minutes ago – about 8:30. It's still coming down pretty good. I haven't heard any forecasts, so don't know what they're calling for. I do know we're not supposed to be too cold, so don't think this will stay long…and it is very beautiful coming down… but…

It's supposed to be spring!

Hubs is sitting in the house being "mr. grumpy" because he had plans of working in the yard today (still trying to get rid of some of the ice storm debris) and his plans have been dashed. He doesn't do well with boredom. Unlike me, he doesn't have the necessary skills to "entertain himself" and gets into what he calls the "bored but lazy" mode. This is not a fun state to be in, trust me.

The good news, is, it is St. Patrick's Day! My paternal family is from Cork County, Ireland, and for my father St. Pat's day has always been bigger than Christmas. He's retired now, but in his younger day he would take off St. Pat's…and the next day… and spend the day celebrating. Lots of butt-pinching, kissing, wearin' of the green, and sure…green beer. He's toned it down now to watching the parade and drinking green beer.

Me? I'm proud of being Irish even when it isn't St. Pat's… and everyone else claims to be Irish. Youngest daughter, with her auburn hair, pale skin and devilish wit could be the poster girl (woman) for Irish heritage. I got my auburn hair from a bottle (better than white on this pale-face, trust me) but I have all the rest. Tonight we'll actually be going out. Rather an off-hand celebration – it's our seed corn company rep having his "customer appreciation" dinner – but it will be at a small local restaurant where you "burn your own" steaks and can drink like a fish if you so desire and is practically within walking distance of home. Seeing as it is free… all the better!

So, all of you out celebrating  – be good. Have fun. Please have a designated driver. And if you think about it, you can come take this snow. I've had enough now. Thanks.

A Girl Can Dream?

Spring1Wouldn't this be nice right about now? Uh huh. You heard me right. Me… the snow queen… ready to see a little spring. We didn't really end up with all that much additional snow, even though parts of the state got 15+ inches. We got about 4 or 5 new inches. The worst of it is the wind. We've had white-out conditions for a couple of days. It's so weird – last night you could see the moon, but not the ground. It's been an odd day today. The sun will be out, then 10 minutes later we'll have huge flakes of snow coming down and 10 minutes after that it will be blowing like hell. Wait awhile, and the sun will pop out again. Bizarre.

The interstate is still closed leaving the state and that leaves a lot of semi-trucks stranded. I was shocked yesterday when the malls even closed. You know it's bad when those people close!

Hubs has been going stir-crazy. I keep offering to teach him how to knit or play WoW, but he's not buying. Glad I rented a bunch of movies for him before the weather closed in! Me? I can be cooped up for weeks and as long as I've got food and heat, I can keep myself occupied. I'm weird that way. Most people can't stand being closed up in the house for days on end.

Youngest daughter learned once again about country living. She tried to go to work on a little traveled road about a mile from home and ended up stuck in a big drift – with her 4-wheel-drive vehicle. She just ended up hooked up on top of the drift. Hubs had to go get a chain and drag her out. These are the things that make me worry – yeah, even the grown-up kids get worried about.

My heart goes out to those poor people in the south who got hit with the tornados in the midst of this storm. Our state gets its share of those nasty things and it isn't surprising to see deaths come out of them. I really feel for them. Hope you are all warm, safe and healthy… and spring is just around the corner!

Round 2

Rain1Yes, it's coming. Again. Right now we are seeing this – rain. It's supposed to change to freezing rain, then to snow, and we are under a blizzard warning through tomorrow because of the high winds they're predicting with this system. They keep trying to decide how much we're to get  – Some weather people are saying we could have as little as 3", some saying again a foot. It all depends on where the "ice line" falls. Right now it's pretty much right on top of us.

We've been really lucky. Except for a few branches in the trees breaking off, and the tree on the deck, it's been pretty much a non-event. We lost power for about 20 minutes the other day, but think that was them switching stuff around on the line, not really a loss. I feel for the poor people who have been without power for days – and may not get it back for a few more. I'm sure they are truly dreading this system coming. I keep crossing my fingers hoping we don't lose it with the wind and ice this time. It's usually the perfect conditions to bring the lines down.

Would you believe they're then talking temps in the 50's in a few days? Uh huh. Weird.

In other news – oh, who am I kidding? There really is no other news. Stay warm and safe all you fellow storm sufferers!

What a Difference a Few Hours Make

Snow Tablesnow deck tree 

This is the table in the earlier photo. As you can see, we got a little snow – and this was before the snow was done! I heard they thought we officially got 10", but we got at least a foot. Look at the grill and tell me that is 10". Nope. Not in my book. I don't know if you can tell in the last photo, but it is a picture of our deck that sticks out the back over the creek. Our daughter says it looks like a boat dock without the lake. Or the boat. At any rate, if you look closely, you can see the umbrella sticking up that's on the table on the end of the deck. Next to it, and slightly up, you can see where the tree broke off and fell onto our deck. Yes, that mess is the tree. Laying on the deck. We don't think it did any damage, but guess we won't know until the snow, ice, and tree are gone. As you can see, the sun is shining brightly at the moment.

Today because of the sun it's been melting like crazy, big chunks of ice and snow crashing down off the roof making the dogs go nuts barking and carrying on. They haven't got any idea what all the noise is, but it isn't supposed to be there.

We were lucky and although had a few blips, we didn't lose power – we think due to the fact they put up new power lines along our road about a year ago and we're only half a mile from a substation. The neighbors to the south lost it as well as our son who lives about 2 miles northeast. His came back, but not in full and the furnace was damaged by the power outage somehow. They're getting it repaired today, but still only have half power. We tried to get them to come stay with us, but they're stubborn and are home with their critters.

I can't blame them. I remember the only time we ever left home was when the kids were really small and there was a terrible ice storm and our power went out for a couple of days. We went to stay with my in-laws who had a generator. It was a hassle, but at the time was nice. I think if we'd not had the kids we probably would have toughed it out, though. Just that anti-social tendency, I guess.

Although we didn't lose power we did lose the internet. Because we have satellite internet, it's hit-or-miss when the weather gets bad. We were lucky it didn't go out right away. I think it took the snow getting in just the right place to stop it… and then it had to melt off before we got it back. Lucky for Hubs, the satellite TV didn't go out, too!

Did I mention the forecasters are saying it could do this again? Yup. As early as Thursday.

 tree ice

We’re Somewhere in the Middle of it All

storm garden This is a picture of my metal garden ornament at about 2 p.m. cst. You can see the ice hanging off of it, as well as some iced up branches on the branches around it. The second pic is the metal table on the back patio. Can you see the lovely icicles? It is still raining and freezing.

Sorry for the blurry spots on the picture. I took it through the window as the screens on the sliders were frozen shut!

I think they're talking the snow starting later tonight. Now they say we're in the 4-8" range. Do they really know? I don't think so. We'll see what we end up with.

I let the pups out this morning and they all fell on their faces just jumping the one little step up onto the porch. Yes, it's slick. No, I'm not leaving the house. So far, (obviously) we've not lost power or i-net. (Keeping fingers crossed…).Storm Table

Button Down the Hatches *Updated*

I just heard the weather forecast for the weekend. Now they are saying rain, then turning into about a 1/2" of ice, then 6+ inches of snow and high winds. Exact quote was "blizzard conditions". I'm not real excited by the prospect of losing power… the power company says their lines are designed to hold up to 1/2" ice with 40 mph winds. Let's all keep our fingers crossed we keep the power and everyone who had to be anywhere gets to and from safely. Me? I'm going out to run errands tomorrow – yes, I'll be one of those people hitting the grocery store to take every last gallon of milk off the shelf – then pop into work for a minute or two to make sure they remember me. After that I plan on hunkering down at home in front of the fireplace with the bread baking and the chili cooking…

I'm such a creature of habit! 

UPDATE: Hubs just heard they are now predicting up to a FOOT of snow here… Holy Cow!