There’s an Echo in Here

Just thought I’d mention there seems to be a lot of bloggers jumping ship taking a break lately. What happened? Was it ME? I mean, I haven’t been here all that long and it just seemed to be odd that right after I started stalking visiting some of them regularly and commenting on their sites, they disappeared! If it was me, I apologize. If it was YOU… well, that just wasn’t nice now, was it?

To the Powers That Be

You thought you’d gotten to me, didn’t you?

First you threw in that notice that told me I had to return the disks or be billed for them. WTF? These are the disks that SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED in the packet in the first place! Tell me, what are the computer companies saving by NOT putting these in the box? They have to make them anyway, send them to me to use, then they are paying to have them returned! Why couldn’t they just have included them in the first place and be done with it? All of what? 3 cents it would cost for the CD material? I’m clueless. Well, I fooled you… I made a copy before I sent them back! Mwaaa haaa haaa… Don’t give me any shit, I’m not in the mood.

Then, I begin to put all the drivers and programs back into the computer only to find each and every one must be put in individually. What happened to loading all the drivers at once for that system? I’m not sure all the techno improvements over the past few years have really been improvements.

Suffice it to say, I was at my mother’s from 3:30 until 8:00 working on that THING. I’m tired now.

Oh, and did I mention? I tried to send my mother an e-mail this morning and MY e-mail address is blocked…. huh? I don’t have a clue.

Warning: Adult Language

Aw… FUCK. Yeah, it’s like that.

My mother and father got a new computer a couple of weeks ago. My mother is computer impaired and my father is computer illiterate. I am their unofficial tech support person. A few days ago a friend and I went to see them so I could take care of putting their computer back into proper order and fixing all the things they’ve already messed up. Mom keeps an ongoing list. Everything was going just fine until my mother asked me to install an old recipe program. Never. Should. Have. Done. That.

After asking me to reboot, the computer began spitting out error messages to the effect it couldn’t find a specific .dll file. DAMN. I tried safe boot among other things, and nothing would stop the dreaded error message coming up – in DOS, I might add, (but no prompt).

I begin looking through all the disks and the one manual that came with their new computer. I see a piece of paper that LOOKS like a CD, but says that they no longer ship operating system disks or restore disks with your new D*^& Computer. WTF?? If you have trouble, you are to go to their PC Restore program. That’s all well and fine, IF YOU CAN GET TO THE FRIGGIN’ PROGRAM! DAMN. SHIT. DAMN.

I breakdown and call the official tech support number where I am put on hold listening to alternating classical and mexican music (what’ with THAT?) for an hour, while they proceed to give me tips on fixing problems I don’t have and telling me they are there for me 24 hours a day (4 of them I’m going to spend on tech support holding hell!). After I reach a real person, I am informed my mother has 3 year warrenty on hardware, and nothing on software. I am now forced to pay $60 for a one time issue!! E-Gods!

After further mumbling and poking and restarting, I am informed they can’t help me and they will have to send me the disks. They should arrive in five business days. Can I get them shipped overnight? No. Do they have a local distributer I could pick them up at? No. Do I have an alternative. No.

My mother called a little bit ago. The disks came in the mail. Now I get to go try and fix the computer. If you turn your head slightly to the left and close one eye you may see me jumping up and down in joy. Or not. FUCK.


This is one of those posts that will confirm to some of you that I’m a bit ‘teeched’. Maybe more than a bit. I pride myself on being a somewhat realistic person – and even though I love mysteries and sci-fi and strange things, that is the entertainment factor. I’m pretty practical in my real life. Except for one thing. ESP.

Although I’ve tried to deny it – I’ve had it all my life. Not with everyone… and not to the point I can make it happen. But there have been too many instances where it cannot be written off to coincidence. In particular, my youngest daughter and I seem to be on the same wavelength, if you will. We’ve scared our spouses with the things we do – and now Hubby just tells SIL to ‘go with the flow’. There isn’t anything you can do about it.

1) Daughter and I went to eat at a local restaurant that serves pies – lots of pies. When discussing what kind of pie we might want after lunch, she proceeded to look through the flip-pictures sitting on the table and I threw out names of pies we should choose from. After several flips being the correct ‘guess’, she made me stop and said I was scaring her.

2) Daughter and SIL had a dream where he dreamt the first part and she continued the dream. Occasionally she and I have the exact same dream!

3) We figure out movie plots – and sometimes when we can’t remember where we’ve seen a certain actor or what their name is, we don’t even have to give barely any clues and the other one knows. I’ve done this to my spouse, too. I went to look up an actress that I didn’t know the name of that he was watching in some movie. I know I’d associated her with some other actor, (we’re talking old movies here) and when I found her name, before I could say it, but the instant I saw it on the screen, he yelled it out from the other room. Just as though I’d sent it to him.

4) When daughter was a teenager she got in trouble for breaking curfew one too many times. She was allowed to go to a friend’s house, as long as she stayed at that person’s house. (The mom was usually pretty lax and let the girls go to the mall or wherever.) We happened to go by daugher’s place of work and her car wasn’t there. When it bugged me all through dinner, I had to stop and find out if she was there. She’d called in sick and gone to her friends’ house early. We drove to the friends’ house and our daughter wasn’t there! (This is before cell phones had caller ID… and we only had one phone that we let our kids take when they were going out.) At any rate, she wasn’t there. We knocked on the door and explained to the mom that they weren’t supposed to be anywhere else. She and a couple of friends had gone to one of the boyfriends’ houses. Uh oh. Not a good thing. We asked to borrow their phone and I called my daughter. I asked her where she was… she started to say “Deb’s house…” and corrected herself and told me the truth. Suffice it to say, when I asked her about it later she told me she started to answer, then had this vision of her dad and I standing in Deb’s livingroom. She was right!

I can go on and on. The fact is, we do this to our spouses, our family members, and occasionally to strangers, but most often to each other. This is why it was such a miracle that we were able to surprise her on Friday night. Hubby tried to get me to wrap my head in tinfoil… yeah… like that was going to happen!

Sad Day

My friends’ mother lost her battle with cancer last night. She’d fought it bravely and through those ups and downs that seems to happen. I’m glad she didn’t suffer long after they decided they couldn’t do anything further for her. I’m glad she lived to see her son get married and another grandchild be born. I’m glad she had some remission and was able to enjoy life – even with the bittersweet taste of illness in the background to remind her of the fragility of it all.
She was surrounded by her family and the love that shelters us all in that time of endings.
May she have peace now.

We’re Back In Iowa

Things went well. We managed to keep a secret from my daughter. That’s not an easy thing to do. She and I have a weird ESP thing going that makes it hard to keep secrets. I’ll tell you more about that later.

At any rate, we did surprise her! We got in about 9:30 at night and son decided we must go to the bar to celebrate. Seeing as daughter had to be at work at 7 a.m. I felt a bit badly about dragging her out in the middle of the night, but she seemed okay with it. First I started off with plain Coke, and she had a beer, while my SIL and son each had a RedBull with lime vodka. Tasted like some weird cough syrup to me, but they liked it. Daughter barely touched her beer, so the guys split it and had another RedBull thing. Daughter and I decided to try something called a Push-up. It sounded better than it tasted. Guys drank those. Daughter and I were party-poopers. We resorted to Coke and Water. Yeah, I know… pathetic. Did I mention I didn’t get carded to get in the bar??? Yeah. Sad.

A little after midnight we decided to go get munchies, beer, and something I like to drink – Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We stopped at the grocery store and when we got to the checkout were notified that they can’t sell liquor after midnight. WTF? Aw, geez…

Back to the kids’ apartment, we proceeded to crack open a bottle of champagne they’d gotten for a wedding gift. It tasted like horse piss (not that I’ve ever tasted horse piss, you understand…)
Son drank his and mine, SIL started on water – mass quantities of water – and daughter went to bed. Then we played drunken Yahtzee. Son and I tied… and he won by 1 point in tiebreaker.

Bed. Wake. Early. Read my book and putzed around waiting for SIL to quit being sick and son to get up. We decided to hang around and go to lunch with daughter before heading home. Had some really terrific bbq.

Head home. It was good to get home. Critters seemed glad to see me. Hubby had already left for the races, but I talked to him and he, too, seemed glad to have me home. We don’t spend much time apart – especially overnight.

All in all, a really nice time.

Hubby didn’t fare as well. Puppies wrestled and growled half the night… which is weird. Usually they do that rougher playing in the afternoon. Also, I expected the cats to keep him company in bed, as they like to roam through during the night and lay on me, knead me, and purr in my ear several times a night. This is accomplished in shifts so organized that I’m sure they must have a schedule hidden somewhere in the house! Alas! No critters came to see him during the night. Hmmm… Strange.

Good to be home.

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Well, actually, we’re GOING to be in Kansas… tonight! My eldest son and I are going to my youngest daughter’s to surprise her for her birthday! I’m excited… She’s not expecting anything like this, so it will be fun. I even called her this morning and left her a “Happy Birthday” voicemail so she’d not suspect. Yeah… I’m like that.

Hubby is staying behind to take care of critters. What a guy! Personally, I don’t think he can take the 4 hour drive, the 6 hours of sleep and the 4 hours of driving home. Daughter has to be at work at 7 a.m., so we’re making this a fast-in-fast-out trip. SIL knows we’re coming. He’s pumped. Now, if he can just keep a secret!

I’ll let you know how it goes.